Chulitna river bridge (mile 132.8) current status



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  • Chulitna river bridge (mile 132.8) current status

    Hey everyone, heading to Chulitna this wednesday. Putting in at east fork mile 185 and we have 3 days to float. Our plan is to take out at mile 132, but reading on here that may no longer be possible due to it being private property that has been closed off within the past couple years? Is that still the case? If we cant take out there our back up plan is to take out at Susitna bridge mile 104, but we are up against time constraints and really want to get out Friday. Is this doable?

    Thanks a bunch and fingers crossed for sunny skies!!

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    I am not sure of the current status, but I have carried all my gear up the hill on the east side of the bridge before .... not fun but if you are up against a time constraint it will save you a few hours.


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      Tough but doable. You're looking at about 11 hours of actual float time (fast and cold says 9 hours I've found that to be overly optimistic) - no wind - to the Princess Bridge at highway mile 134 or so (about 63 river miles) - that does not allow for lunch stops, log jams and such. Another 20 river miles to Talkeetna and another 12 river miles to Susitna Bridge. If you get an early start the Princess Bridge won't be a problem unless there's a stiff breeze. Take out at Talkeetna is tough - long haul unless you get lucky and meet up with a commercial outfit - they'll usually take your boat and stuff to the parking area. The last 12 miles to the Susitna Bridge take out can be pretty slow and is often windy. I'd count on at least 17 hours of actual float time to the Susitna Bridge from your put in.

      The take out at Princess Bridge is very doable - if you've got some help. 4 guys and two boats is no problem. Two guys will be difficult. As I said the take out at Talkeetna can be a very long haul unless you get lucky. For what it's worth - if you get an early start on Weds and get going early the next two days you can make it to Susitna - you may have to push but you'll make it.

      I might suggest you consider the the Mat from Glacier Park to King Mountain Lodge - in any case have a great float.


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