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Need slick paint for sliding raft

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  • Need slick paint for sliding raft

    I'm looking for some kind of paint that I can use on my wood ramps for sliding the big outfitted raft onto a trailer. The wooden ramps have raised wood runners on both sides of each ramp - so that gives me Four 1 inch surfaces to slide the raft. I've got them sanded smooth with rounded corners and now am looking for a "slick" paint to help with the sliding. Any suggestions on a suitable slick paint just for the top of the runners? Many thanks

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    I know it not paint if you want it last for ever use UHMW.


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      Thanks for the idea. That would be possible provided I could round off the corners of the 1 inch strips adequately as it can produce some sharp edges. I'm also experimenting with notching out some PVC pipe that would slip right over the top of the side runners (about 2.5" high). This would provide me with a perfectly rounded surface a little wider actually, and would be inexpensive. The secret for the PVC pipe would be to get that perfect 1 inch notch cut.


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        I put glove-it on the bottom of my aluminum driftboat.
        Might work for you?
        Bought it at Trustworthy in Soldotna.

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          Bought a raft trailer a few months back as the wife and I have been fishing in NE Tenn a good bit. Wanting to protect my raft, I am looking at plastic myself, which would of course assist in sliding the raft. Thinking about 2" wide PVC ribs, so to speak, every 18" on trailer. They would run the full width of the trailer and be screwed down at far ends so no hardware would ever touch raft. First thought of just using 1" PVC tubing, but was walking around Lowes the other day and saw a 6-8" diameter PVC pipe. With some careful work on a table saw shouldn't be too hard to splice off 7' sections that are 1.5-2" wide. Nice thing is the slight curve each finished piece would have. Height off my wood trailer, which has metal screws all over, would be about 1/4" or so. And would certainly assist with sliding. But my main goal is protecting the rafts.

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            I would sand well- seal with sanding sealer, let dry well add several layers of liquid urethane. by brush or roller. Should work-
            Good luck,


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              Thanks everyone for their thoughts and ideas.


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