Need help on purchasing kicker for pontoon!



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  • Need help on purchasing kicker for pontoon!

    I'm wanting to mount a kicker on my one man pontoon. The pontoon is 9' long, about 55" across, and weighs 60 pounds. I'm not exactly sure with what size kicker to go with. I have found videos on YouTube of people running 2.5 hp-4 hp kickers on their pontoons. The 2.5 hp doesn't seem to make em run to quick at all. The guys with 4 hp kickers had them mounted on frameless pontoons. They were running across lakes and they were moving good but seemed to me they could still go faster if they had a bigger kicker. Now I'm not sure if they had the 4 hp kickers wide open, and they were just choosing to run at a more fuel efficient speed. So I'm looking for help from someone who has done this before, or anyone who has ran a lot of these little kickers, because I have not. I'm looking at buying something from either Yamaha or Mecury. What my overall goal is to be able to run across good sized lakes pretty quick and hit many fishing spots (fast, but not at a crazy unsafe speed). And also use it on some spots on the Kenai close to some of the boat launches. So being able to run up river is a must. I don't want to be underpowered with a 2.5-3.5 where if I choose to get on the river I move at snails pace. But then again I don't want to have a 5-6 hp and have it be overkill. Also the weight difference between 2.5-3.5's and the 4-6's is about 20-25 pounds. So that's quite a bit. Please point me I. A better direction if anyone has any knowledge on this topic. Thanks

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    There's probably a good reason that you haven't seen people running these things "fast"...they aren't designed to go fast. Believe me, I know where you're coming from as far as trying to get maximum performance out of a boat, but trying to make a boat do something it isn't designed for is a recipe for disaster!!!


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