Trip Report Granite Creek/East Fork April 30 Six Mile



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  • Trip Report Granite Creek/East Fork April 30 Six Mile

    I needed a river fix this week to celebrate spring, the beautiful weather, and the ability to raft AK in April. I decided on floating Granite Creek to the East Fork of Six Mile with a takeout above the first whitewater canyon. The Six Mile Gauge was about 9' and rising resulting in low water but crystal clear. The put-in is under the Seward Hwy/Granite Creek bridge. You can put in farther upstream at the Lyons Creek/Tincan Creek confluence, but that section is much too narrow for my 15' raft with 10' oars. I was solo so I just bike shuttled back the 4 miles after dropping off the truck. Allow about 30-45 minutes for the shuttle.

    I was worried about sweepers, strainers, aufeis, etc this early in the year and Granite Creek did not disappoint. There's a 5' high river wide log about 100 yds downstream of the put-in that I might have been able to duck under but I chose to line around it. Packrafts or kayaks will not have an issue until the water gets higher and then it will come into play unless somebody takes a saw to it. There were no aufeis, only shelf-ice. There was one more tight spot before the East Fork confluence that I lined through and then another just after.

    Once below the Seward Hwy/East Fork Bridge (another put-in/takeout option) there were no more obstacles. This section would be ideal if you have a first-time oars person and could be easily run multiple times.

    The takeout is easy to spot and easy to make. DON"T MISS IT UNLESS YOU ARE READY FOR THE CLASS III/IV FIRST CANYON OF SIX MILE! Although this section gets a run of pink and silver salmon, unfortunately I've never seen or caught any trout. If you go please take a saw...I forgot. Your fellow paddlers will wish good river carma on ya.

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    Thanks for the report!


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      Beautiful country.........Nice place to live. Good report.


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