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  • Flyable boat

    Does anyone know of a Metzeler-type inflatable in production? 14' (+), capable of 15HP, with a transom narrow enough to get in a Cub without any major acrobatics are the criteria.

    I always imagined that with a SOAR canoe, a hunk of marine plywood, and some glue you could make an almost-metzeler, but it's an expensive experiment.


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    Jet Ranger

    By Jim King's Alaska series boats. Great boat. Uses a 20 merc jet.


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      I send you a PM that says the same thing as FBKShunter. I have heard that the jet ranger was designed very similar to the Metzeler raft by someone who owns one. You are in luck also there is a 20hp Merc Jet in the classifieds right now. But you better act quickly, the motor is no longer made in a 2 stroke.


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        20 merc jet

        Is still sold by Reed's snowmachine and marine in fairbanks, saw one there the other day.


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          That is interesting, I wonder if they still do that in the jet only. I thought they quit making the 25hp powerhead in a 2 stroke. I went with a 25 hp motor with a prop, and then bought the jet foot seperately, that could be the difference?


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            Jet Ranger

            The guys over at the Farm in Port Allsworth got 2 of these jet rangers last year. they love them, as they do the same thing as the old metz, but are tougher. One thing though, if you don't inflate them tight enough, they don't plane out properly. they gotta be tight.. They are tough as nails.
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              Power Traveler

              You might have a look at the new Power Traveler by AIRE. Ten-year, no fault warranty and available at Alaska Raft and Kayak.

              I have all the stats on it somewhere, but this is one killer boat for Alaska. Talk to Tracey Harmon at Raft and Kayak about it! It was originally tested with a 25-horse outboard, and ran like a scalded ape. I'll attach a photo of the prototype for you. The newer ones are a little different.

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