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Upper Upper Willow

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  • Upper Upper Willow

    Has anybody ever floated the Willow above Shirly Town. A good ways up Fishook road there are two bridges (one is boarded off). Has anyone ever floated this stretch down to Shirly Town? Am I crazy for even thinking to float this? Any feeback would be appreciated.

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    No go on the upper willow unless you like the big white water and a ducky.
    You can put in above shirleytown at the guard rail and its class 3-4. Above that is a water fall.


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      Up from Shirly Town

      I have floated above Shirly Town -- Sotar 12ft cat. Wouldn't recomend any larger. I put in 3/4 of the way down the driveway of some crazy dude's driveway, can't really give you a more accurate loaction. This is actaully what I consider the upper mid section. The upper upper section is all water falls and deep canyons -- not boatable in anything but a kyak in my opinion. Overall its an awsome float when the water is up -- class III-IV throughout the canyon section.


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        Try the kayak forum

        Hit up the K-a-y-a-k (spelling correction from last post) forum. If there are some serious paddlers on there they will be able to give you tons of info.


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