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  • web site help needed

    Hi guys:

    I have been working with my Tec guy updating my web site. I need your feed back on the look of my new site. I have added a cleaner more professional look and an expanded product page offering complete camp rentals and kitchen rentals along with my line of Rafts and Canoes. We also linked a movie that one of my clients took last summer and I need to know what you think about it. Does it pull up quickly and is it easy to use?

    I am a real novice when it comes to web sites and your feed back on the forum will be greatly appreciated and to show my appreciation I will offer $100 off any week+ inflatable rental and $75 off of any week+ camp rental to any of you who will take the time to give me some positive public feed back! Please donít make any nasty digs that will not help me develop a better site.

    I look forward to reading you r responses and working with any of you who want to come north to the best hunting and fishing adventures in Alaska!

    Northwest Alaska Backcountry Rentals
    Kotzebue, Alaska

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    On the movie website link, you have "Link to there website". It should read, "Link to their website". The movie loads too slow for me to watch. Good luck.


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      Yeah, had trouble with the movie too. This video is also on youtube and you may want to tie into that page by either just linking to it or embeding it on your page. Might get faster/ better results.

      Two typo's I came across were in the 'Picture' page...Wild Life should be Wildlife. And on the Gear page...Caballa's should be Cabela's.

      Even if you are not a pro web developer, you are far ahead of the game compared to most Alaskan outfitters and bush pilots with zero web presence,no email or well hidden email and seems like most don't even own an answering machine when you call and get no answer. Wish more would do the same as you. It doesn't have to be perfect but provide good info on your business and easy ways to contact you is valuable stuff which you have done well.


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        Also, I'm not a web developer or anything but I do know some of the basics. I looked at the code for your home page and you should look into adding in meta tags,keywords, ect to make it easier to find via google. Looks like this was done through a template so not sure if you can or not but if it. The title for your home page should be changed from "home" to something like " Raft, Inflatable Kayak and Camping Gear Rental in Kotzebue, Alaska". Google really keys in on that title and then the content of the site too. Don't forget to submit it to google,yahoo,ect to alert it to it's presence and changes.

        Good luck.


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          Notes on Site


          Check your PM.



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            Your prices are not in line for the week rental.

            I think that a map would be nice as well, maybe link the map and pictures just for s&g.

            Site looks good.


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              Needs to grab my attention

              I dont mean to be negative, but here is my perspective from someone who is always looking for something exciting and different in a trip and an outfitter. I feel what you have to offer is a bit vauge.If you want me to spend the extra money that it takes to reach Kotz. you have to grab my attention. The pic of the giant char helped,but i want to read more about your great char fishing,timing, equipment needed and what are you going to do to help me get into some of those beauties.I want to see more char on your site So far your site hasnt told me anything.If i go to a bristol bay site all i see are monster rainbows and all the information on those sites are primarily about rainbows. I can drive to the sag and catch char so you need to convince me that your rivers offer the best oppurtunity for some out of this world char fishing.
              The stream crossing of the caribou is another thing i want to know more about. Why should i go to your end of the state, when i can drive the Dalton HWY and hunt for caribou? When is the absolute best time to go.
              You mentioned some rivers but i know absolutely nothing about those rivers, intrigue me. If i do a search for arctic char fishing in alaska will your site come up on a google search? when i do a search i am not looking for northwest alaska. I am looking for some kick butt char fishing and hopefuly a chance at bagging a trophy caribou or moose with a bow. I want to fish some world class rivers noted for their excellent char runs, monster sheefish etc. I can see the pictures but i havent realy gained any information.It wouldnt hurt to comment more on those pictures.Somehow you need to convince me that my hard earned money is going to be spent on a trip of a lifetime.
              I apologise if what i say seems rude. That is not my intent.I just want to know more about your area, game, and activities.I think the more you can convince me the consumer the more excited i will be to spend th extra bucks to go into your area. Once i get there do i have to spend more money on a charter? I need to know more info from your site before i decide to contact you further,
              Hope this helps any


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                Thanks guys! I am working many of your suggestions. Remember, if your interested in comming up lookm me up and the offer stands!


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                  I remember the old site (somewhat) and this is lots better. The biggest problem I had was that the first time I went to your site, my computer had to start up the Java platform. This took some time. I am not a web-guy, but I think that because you have the movie right on the home page, it is telling my computer to start Java. In my opinion, speed is king and if your site is slow I might not stick around. That might be something for your web-guy to look into. I like pics better than movies anyway. I think you should add more captions to the pics too. I really like the fact that when I click on a thumbnail of a pic, the actual pic is LARGE! That is great.

                  I also echo what bushwaker said. I'd like more info on the fishing and hunting. You can either put that on your website or link to other informational sites (preferably not competitor sites!) but it should be somewhere.

                  For example, I had previously found your site from your posts here, and I am hoping to come up to Kotz and outift from you in '08, but I am still trying to decide if I want to fish or hunt and when the best times to go for sheefish are. Now I need to google for that info.

                  I really like that there are pictures of the gear that you have.

                  Anyway, keep up the good work, and I'll be in contact with you as we try to plan a trip up your way.



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