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Anchoring raft question

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  • Anchoring raft question

    What works best for anchoring a raft to bounce eggs or fish sections of easy flowing water? ( Deshka, Gulkana, etc)
    I am thinking about anchors similar to what drift boats / cats use. Does a pyrimid lead work best, or will about anything that you can get to hold. I like the idea of the pyrimid lead as it is smaller than putting a bigger anchor & chain in a 14' raft. Any suggestions on what set up has worked well vs what hasn't.

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    I use a wire mesh bag filled with river rocks.
    Works fine, lasts a long time.

    Have saw others using pyramid lead and other shapes. All seem to work.
    While not a definitive answer to your question, I'm not certain there is a "best anchor" for rafts.
    Perhaps my anchor is the worst, but seem to function well.
    Sometimes simply works.
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      I was kind of thinking the same thing. As long as you can get the rocks to hold I think it would work just fine. Might have to try it next weekend & see.


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