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  • Curry to Talkeetna

    I am taking the train north to Talkeetna to Curry with the family in tow. Plan to do a day float back to Talkeetna on the Su.

    Anyone done this? If you have a river report or words of wisdom let me know.

    Is it worth bringing a rod for any clear creeks along the way?

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    I've never done it, but lots of others have with both canoes and rafts. There have been several groups of boaters from Knik Canoers and Kayakers do this section in the recent past. They seem to like as some of the same people seem to keep going back. I was thinking they started above Curry, but I don't remember the details.


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      I floated from the Gold creek bridge back to Talkeetna last year. Fun trip, feels like you're out there even though you're within sight of the railroad tracks most of the time. I did not fish when I went, but in the train ride up we saw salmon in darn near every clearwater slough along the railroad tracks and in the outlets to most clearwater tributaries (mostly tiny little creeks and beaver pond outlets). It was in September so most were pretty spawned out, but I think you could find something to catch, and definitely should have a shot at rainbows/dollies. We did it as an overnight trip and the floating was easily managable in an afternoon and a morning. You could probably do the gold creek - talkeetna section in one long push, but it would be a long day. Also, if you're planning on pulling out at the beach at the end of the main street in Talkeetna, there's a nice little channel just before the rivers merge that you can sneak through to make the ferry across the Talkeetna a little less rushed.

      Have fun!


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        We floated Gold Creek to Talkeetna three years ago. Three families, with six kids ages 3 to 5. Hauling rafts from the train tracks down the steep, short trail to the river was a bit of a grunt in the heavy bugs. The river itself posed no unusual hazards, as I recall. We found adequate places to camp, but pretty low and a little muddy, so that part wasn't great, but it was fine. It rained the whole time on that particular trip, but even in fair weather it isn't especially scenic, but there's nothing wrong with basic river scenery with mountain background . I was advised to stay river left as we approached Talkeetna to ensure we could catch the beach at the take out, and that worked. I ended up pulling briskly at the end to ferry over to a favorable takeout spot, but was never in danger of missing it. We spent two nights on the river, and hit Talkeetna around noon on the third day of rafting. River flowed about 5 mph as I recalled. We made a few casts in the mainstem, but didn't really fish along the way. The train ride instead of a car shuttle, and landing in Talkeetna, where pizza is close at hand, make this a good family trip.


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