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Inflatable Sportboat drivers: anybody ever try . . . .

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  • Inflatable Sportboat drivers: anybody ever try . . . .

    Everyone knows (says) that inflatable sportsboats don't make good downstream drifting rafts, due to their lack of floatation at the transom, combined with the weight of the outboard hangin' there.

    Anybody ever lift/tilt their motor up and then wedge/tie/attach some sorta additional floatation under the outboard-leg/across the transom? (I'm thinkin' that something like an extra inflatable raft thwart, or even a big boat fender, could fill the gap and improve a sportboat's "rafting" performance?)

    Any experience/experiments :question:
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    That is a funny subject. The question IMO is not that they don't make for good down stream drifting rafts because of the motor / Transom but a matter of design versus application. Lots of people use them on bigger rivers to float away and add mini rowing cages / frames they seem to work just fine. Your issue no matter what you do is when you enter Class II/III rock gardens and I don't care how you configure the thing your chances of not causing some damage in those conditions are slim. I did a trip one year with one just for giggles nice little 13ft sport boat. Had to stop and stich up the floor about a 3x3ft rip from rocks. People do it some get away with it some don't. Great idea though just not going to help if your in anything other than flat Class I or mild Class II


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