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  • Willow Creek - Mid May

    I will be in Willow around the 20th of May and thought about wetting a line and taking a float down to the confluence, not sure whether to start at the bridge or further up. Has anyone laid eyes on the river or have a guess about the conditions that early in the season? I think the earliest I have been on the Willow was mid to late June.

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    June 4-5 2011 Willow Creek Fest

    Anyone who likes whitewater should come, and play or just watch. Several events are planned, it should be huge. Kayak, packraft, and Ik races are planned.
    Maybe you guys could convince them to do raft and cataraft races down the redgate.Would anyone be interested in doing that?
    See Susitna Sled and Kayak, website or facebook, for details.


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      For what it's worth, I drove up to Talkeetna on Saturday night, and within my 2-3 seconds of observing as I drove over the bridge, it looked a bit low and brown but floatable. I did see a guy with a small cat on a trailer pulling out.

      Mark, I've heard the Willow creek festival is taking place that weekend, I'll try to make it up to fish/float and drink a couple cold ones. The Guardrail to Shirley Town bridge is a fun section of water often neglected by rafters due to the long haul...too bad for them.



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        Thanks Guys.... Hope to join you for a clod one as well. Cheers


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          Guard rail rafting

          Some people are taking rafts down the guardrail run, it's plenty high for that.


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            I ran from guardrail down last week and it was a touch low for full size raft but no problem for the Alpacka. Flow was at 740 then but you can follow the flow of it an any other creeks with flow meters on Americanwhitewater.org


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              During, and since, Memorial weekend, Willow Creek has been running between 1000-1400 cfs, and these flows are not to bony for a raft, it was done quite a few times.
              Try USGS for a reference to stream flows.


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