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Another Tool to Check Real TIme Marine Weather

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  • Another Tool to Check Real TIme Marine Weather

    I was at a meeting last night and the Program Mnager for Partnerships and Outreach from the Alaska Ocean Observing System (AOOS) gave a presentation on the real time weather and data they are able to provide. They compile the information from several organizations so it makes kind of a one-stop shop to look at web cams, bouy info and currents. They also asked what would be helpful to us as PWS boaters...ideas were to move the web cam from Lake Bay to Pigot Point and possibly install some down towards Knight/Dangerous Passage, Seal Island. Plus they welcome feedback to improve their site/information!

    Check it out

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    thats a pretty cool site! I would like to see more web cams and some buoys that provide wave height. Overall the site is very easy to use which is key. I usually go to NOAA but that site can be a pain at times.
    Thank you


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