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    Hello everyone.

    We are excited to announce the creation of the GlacierCraft Owners Group for GlacierCraft boat owners and "In-Liners".

    In an effort to promote open communication about GlacierCraft boats and explore opportunities for technical advancements, helpful modifications, solutions to common problems, lessons learned, etc., this dedicated forum group has been formed.

    In addition to creating avenues for communication, we will be looking into additional benefits an Owners Group might provide, i.e., special store discounts, group-buy discounts, organized events, and special GlacierCraft labeled products. We will explore what options might be available to our group.

    While this forum group is organized and funded for and by GlacierCraft Owners, the purpose of this group is to encourage more communication among all boating enthusiasts. As a result, we have elected to make these discussions open to the general membership of the Alaska Outdoors Directory Forum as there is much valuable information available out there.

    Additionally, we have requested that some of the Alaska Offshore Marine Inc. staff join us to assist in answering questions and providing input on general ideas and questions. While this is not the desired form of communication for customers with warranty issues, we think the staff will provide valuable input on topics that we may consider and discuss.

    The facilitators who have developed this forum group hope that you find it valuable and positive. We encourage your participation and feedback. Be nice and considerate of others. We don't want to offend anyone.

    Welcome aboard and check your PFD for proper fit.

    GCOG Steering Committee
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    Thanks for the additional comm link. Please include me to the group.

    ** 28' x 10' w/ Yamaha 200's on order **


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      Who makes up the GCOG committee?


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