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    A word of clarification

    I spoke to one of the individuals who has responded to this thread, and he mentioned an issue we should probably address here.

    Because this site does not currently allow negative comments about a business or an individual, by deleting the negative comments and leaving the positive ones (of which, in this case, there have been plenty), an impression is created that "all is well". The intention of the site management is not to create an impression either way, but to simply provide a venue for discussion. But because we filter the discussion within the constraints of our rules, our readers often do not get the entire story.

    Without referencing a particular company, let me say that any business, regardless of what it is, can be either the greatest company on the planet, or a complete rip-off. It is not the responsibility of this site to provide a balanced, complete picture of what each business discussed here does or doesn't do. It is the responsibility of the consumer to do their own research before spending money on something that may not be what they wanted, or perhaps doing business with someone who does not deliver as expected or perhaps as advertised (again, not implicating anyone here, just illustrating a principle).

    Outdoors Directory in no way endorses the businesses discussed in our forums, nor do we recommend you shop elsewhere. Our official stance is neutrality. What we do suggest is to take what you read in our forums for what it is: the unvarnished opinions of people you probably don't know. If you are using this information to make purchase decisions, our recommendation is to collect what you can here, and directly contact other members privately to confirm before making a decision.

    The question of providing both positive and negative reviews on this site has come up before, and we are always looking for ways to meet the needs of our members. Currently we don't know of a solution that would both protect our site and allow a balanced reporting of the facts. And of course the "facts" are almost always clouded by the multiple sides to every story...


    Michael Strahan
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      Thanks Mike. It's hard to get both sides when you can get sued for negative posts and nobody minds the positive ones lol

      sent from my igloo


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