Towing Propset Duoprop help please




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  • Towing Propset Duoprop help please

    This weekend tried towing a small jet sled with the seasport running B-4 props, I couldn't reach full RPMs of 3800, only could get 35 and a little more.
    Question is if I purchased another set of props for "towing" it should be easier on my equipment right? so would I go to B-3 or B-5 Props?
    New to duoprops I always had a 17pitch regular and a 15 for when I was heavy in my outboard rig just need some help

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    Why in the world would you want to tow something going that fast?


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      If you want to raise RPMs you go down, in your case a B3 or lower. More weight, more work flatter the pitch. In addition, if you go to Stainless a one step lower stainless would be about the same ie C3=B4, C2=B3. It's actually a little more then one step, but a reasonable rule of thumb.

      For instance when we got our boat, it had C4s on it. We run heavier then the previous owner, couldn't make recommended RPMs. I made a calculated guess on a set of C2s. Got plenty of RPMs, more in the bank then needed actually, but the cruise speed and mileage suffered. Pulled those and put on a set of C3s. Perfect for what we do with the weight we run. Hull shape and design factor in too. Some boats are never going to gain any significant speed no matter how you prop them, you are just going to lug the engine with more prop. Best to just hit the RPM mark and live with what speed you get.


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        because its 90 miles to the jet boating and if you want to get there friday evening after work you got to move, just wanting to find out how to not damage my big boat by getting the right propset for towing


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