How to get a boat from Whittier to Juneau?



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  • How to get a boat from Whittier to Juneau?


    I am actually down in BC just below the ALaska-BC border. Looking at a 36 foot boat (diesel ex commercial fishing boat) in Whittier. Problem is, how do I get it down? Is it possible to cruise from Whittier to Juneau, obviously not all in one shot but going port to port? Is there a barge service that can do this? Tug/tow service that can do this?

    I know I can cruise it down from Juneau, just have to get it there first. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Alaska Marine Lines barge sails out of Whittier give Darryl Weide a call 800-873-2911. You'll have to build a cradle for it or have a trailer built for it. I've got lots of time in Whittier send me a pm if you need more info. What boat is it? Lots of junk laying around that town.
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      Thanks for the info Steve. For whatever reason the system won't let me send you a pm. I'll email you at the akshrimppots email listed under your signature.



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        Yes it's possible to cruise from Whittier to Juneau. Two friends did the opposite last summer, bringing boats North. The problem both of them had was an extended rough patch of weather that extended their trips by several weeks. So long as you have the time to pick weather windows, it's a very doable trip.
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          Are certain times in the coming months better or worse than others? I guess another option, since I am not familiar with those waters, would be to hire a captain. Anyone ever done that or know if it is a feasible option?


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            People do it every summer. Whittier to Cordova then on to Yakutat from there around Cape Spencer though inain pass and your on the inside. Yakutat to Cross sound,only a few places to go in. Dry Bay & Lituya then after icy point there are several but you are almost out of the gulf by then. I do not know alot about the area between Yakutat and Cordova.
            It is do able. Mel Grove wrote a report on doing this trip he included distances and fuel stops. he had a boat that would cruise 25 knots.
            I can send it to you if you like?

            Good Luck


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              Salt Chukar - I'd really appreciate it if you could email me the report. My email is sjwatkinson at hot mail dot com.

              Wow, 25knot cruise, I'll have to keep that in mind if he describes how long it took him to get from one stop to the next.



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                My parents brought two of our past boats up from Seattle back in the late 70s, and those boats cruised in the neighborhood of 8 kts. Most boats designed for commercial fishing are relatively seaworthy, so with a decent weather window you should be good. If I recall my father's stories, he said the longest unprotected run was somewhere in the neighborhood of 24 hours, though I could be off on that.

                What boat are you looking at? I spend quite a bit of time wandering around Whittier.


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                  If you have the fuel capacity, it is no problem. fuel up at elfin cove. I've done in straight across in a 41' without a hitch, and in a 36 ', my first time, we went towards Yakatat, but with good weather turned towards pws without going in. Just have spare filters, lots of fuel, and look for long range forcast that is pretty good. this is perfect time of year for it. any fishing boat in whittier has no doubt made the trip before. those diesels run forever with little problem. you can also fuel in cordova and sneek out the back door and go straight across, since i just noticed you are going from whittier, not to. you need somebody with you for best cruise, so you can trade off and sleep and run 24/7. in a trawler, its a slow trip at 8-9 knts. pm if you have questions. Bud

                  If i remember right, it took us about 2.5 days to pws from elfin cove, at about 8 knts the first time, the 2nd, without the detour towards yakatat, it was about 2 i think, almost 10 years ago, don't recall exactly, both trips had a few hours or part of a day pretty rough, then calmed right down and was beautiful, no problems either time. if you boat will make it from whittier to cordove trouble free, it will continue right on across.


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