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  • 2 Buttheads on the river...

    Halibutgrove and I met up tonight on the Knik...

    This was the 3rd time we've been on the river together, and no matter how much smack we talk here, we always seem to end up having a good time....another cool thing about boating I suppose...

    AKmike and halibutcollier showed up to check out the 2 boats...Garret and Mel were kind enough to give us all a good ride in the new Phantom with the hamilton 212...the new pump is definitely a better match to the diesel, at least from what I could tell, but I'm no expert... It's noticeably quieter, steps out of the water quicker....rides quite nice too...

    Mel loaded up a couple thousand pounds of water in his boat and cruised around a bit giving us the best show of the evening....a few lids must have blown off because when they hit some wake they got absolutely drenched from the water in the bow...hopefully AKmike got a good pic of that...funniest thing I've seen in a while...

    we found some good water to play in up the Matanuska a little ways too... seemed like everyone had a good time...

    hopefully we've buried the hatchet for good now Mel, you guys should join us for some bow fishing for pike next weekend, that front deck will make a great platform to shoot from....just a day trip on the Su on the 7th if its open by then...

    if you guys are interested in a diesel jet boat I'm sure Mel and Garret will be happy to run you around and show you a good time...
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    Very nice post. As a lurked I have watched this and, good or bad comments, the people who are boaters on this forum seem to be, in the end, pretty **** good folks. Makes me feel better about the people I may meet on the river this year. Good job, and good luck to all.


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      sounds like you both had a good time wish I could have been there
      Is it opening day of duck season yet
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        Had a great time. Phamton 60/40 is a nice boat. I don't have anything bad to say about it. Now the wooly....speaks for it self. I drove the boat. IT was very impressive how unlike all the other sj this thing runs like its on rails. So see you next weekend.

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          Sounds like good times! Thoughts on running prop on Knik? Don't want to do anything fancy, just take' er for a spin before swapping over. Usually wait for finger Lake, but y'alls posts are making us antsy...
          This is Alaska, it may be daylight but the night is still young!


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            don't do it...not enough water for a prop...Finger Lake should be ocmpletely open in a couple of days. I was there yesterday and it is open enough to run circles for a bit but thats it...good luck man...
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              Yea, I'll wait for Finger Lake... Shooting for Thursday evening for a quick spin with prop and then it's time for some jet boating!!
              This is Alaska, it may be daylight but the night is still young!


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