Any opinion on a Maxxon Dinghy?



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  • Any opinion on a Maxxon Dinghy?

    Hello all,

    I'm looking for a dinghy for the new addition to the family. I happened to be at AK Raft and Kayak and was looking at their CS-230 sportboat. It is 7ft 6", has an inflatable keel and takes up to a 5hp kicker. Best of all is that it weighs only 57lbs. Anybody own one of these or have any insight as to their suitability for ship to shore and shoreline cruising capabilities. Anybody have problems with durability?

    Thanks in advance...


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    I had a Maxxon for several seasons and had no issues with it. The 7'6" size you are considering will be a bit small for anything but ship to shore duties in my opinion. Mine was 9'+. I could plane myself and a kid with my F4. I had to quality control issues with it at all. I just stepped up to a 10' RIB with F15. This will be a great one for cruising the shore. Plus I can pull the kids on a tube or skis.
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      Did you purchase the new addition and get it to AK already?


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        I purchased a used 7'6" Maxxon last season. It is rather small, but for ship to shore, it works well. I have not noticed any quality or durability issues yet. Good luck

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          Yup, the new baby is in the driveway, waiting to be fueled up and waiting to have a davit placed on the back end next week. Figured a dinghy was going to be important since it drafts three feet of water...YIKES!!!



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            I had a Maxxon. I believe that it was the 9.5 or 10 version. I had no issues with it quality wise, but it was only used for the quick trips to shore(dog, kids), and I found that it was a little heavy to handle by myself all of the time. It had the hard floor which added a little more weight to it, but it also made it fairly stable. I ended up getting a Gary King tender for a good price, and it is so much easier to manhandle and I dont whine about getting it down after a hard days fishing. If you want to do alot of running around in your tender, I think it is an OK choice, but the 7.5 is rather small. If you go with a larger Maxxon, then the weight really starts to be a factor.


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