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175 sportjet gasket

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  • 175 sportjet gasket

    I have a 2004 model sport jet and it only has a 120 hours on it. Thengasket at the base where the motor mounts to the pump has really started to leak. Is this a bit bit early for the gasket to let go? I use the boat on the rivers around here and out on the ocean also. Also the choke on my ignition has stopped working. Any good information will help me alot. Thanks

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    I'm interested in seeign what people have to say about it too. My 200 SJ is starting to leak too. Not much though. I have 216 hours on mine.
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      Fairly common issue, not to bad of a job to pull the powerhead and replace the gasket. After you replace the gasket retorque the nuts on the powerehead after you run it once. You could try to snug up the nuts without replacing the gasket but usually once they start to leak it doesn't help.
      As for you choke issue, wiring is usually the culprit


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        I had to do mine on my 05 175 sj also, its very common, I recommend tourqing them after break in and keeping an eye on them frequently. I also had the seals go bad on the impeller shaft so i had to pull the power head and jet unit and tear it all apart. It was easy, pretty simple design. I have a set of new boysen reeds for a 175 if anyone needs them, I guess the stock reeds wear out and get sucked into the engine after a couple hundred hours.


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          Thanks for all the input. Is it common to have to replace the reeds?


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