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  • Going out alone

    Anyone launch and retrieve in whittier alone? How does it work out? I like having someone to either park the truck or tend the boat on the dock but what do folks do those times you can't find someone with time to go (I know, it's rare, but happens).



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    I haven't done it before, but I would think on a slow ramp day it would be fine if you ran to and from the parking lot. But on a busy weekend, I'm sure you'd piss off a lot of people. However, I'm sure there would be some nice enough people on the dock to shuffle your boat back or forth while your dealing with the truck. As much as I'd love the piece and quiet of a day out there alone, I doubt I'd ever do it. Too much to go wrong in that big cold swimming pool.
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      You might find a new fishing buddy.! Hey, ya never know!


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        I've done it a couple times. Once by myself, and once with assistance from other boaters. When alone, tie the bow line off to the dock before you slip the boat off the trailer. Jump out of the truck and lash the boat at the far end of the dock. Jump back into the truck and park it across the tracks and hustle back to the boat. It's a PITA.
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          Done it multiple times, just like DOUG FROM ANCH. states above. However, I tie my bowline to the front of the trailer, same result though. Often, peolpe around the dock are more than willing to help out or lend a hand from my experience.
          It's kinda nice to go out alone once in a while! Sure beats being at home waiting for a partner.
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            I have done it many times, but usually in Homer. I have done it in Whittier a couple times, but only early in the season and there wasn't a line of people coming in or going out, I would never consider it when it is busy because I don't like to be disrespectful to other guys launching/retrieving.
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              I have done it. If it is busy, I usually pull the truck and trailer up to the staging area and then pull the boat into one of the slips in the first finger. Park the truck and trailer, then head out.
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                Last summer I went to Seward by myself and pull my boat out and went to Whittier and launched. I agree that if you are doing this, leave earlier in the day to avoid the rush, and ideally avoid the weekends. People are always willing to help, but then you will have someone unknown to you handling your boat when you are parking, so I prefer to do it myself when things are not busy.
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                  I think the hardest thing would be getting the boat straight on the trailer while pulling it out. I made a spacer to put between the boat and the side rail, but someone needs to pull the boat into the rail while I pull the trailer out. Itís like most members have previously said, there is always someone to help you out. This year I plan on doing at least one trip solo.
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                    Alone and busy

                    I've done it and I have a camper on the truck, just take your time and don't get rushed. The thing I don't like is being bored alone, it's like driving your RV, your suppose to be with people having a memorable trip when you are in an RV or boat.

                    Launching/retrieving in Whittier when it's crowded has benefits; Lot's of people standing around waiting, they can help you, big line that's moving slow so chances are you'll get your truck just as fast as the next guy.


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