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  • Planning on driving the Alcan soon?

    Just returned from driving to Wa to tow back a jet boat I purchased and thought to offer a highway report to anyone who may be interested.
    Generally speaking the highway is in great shape with the only really bad section being the first 80-100 miles after you enter the Canadian side from Alaska. Frost heeves galore but just slow down and you will be fine.
    After converting to our standard gallon and the USA dollar gas prices ranged from about $5.40 to $6.20 a gallon. Highest seen was diesel at $6.50.
    Most places in Canada now will NOT take USA money. Those that did charged 25% exchange rate. Best to pick up some canadian dollars before departing or use your plastic. But VISA charges a foreign transaction fee every time you use your card.

    I am cheap and hate wasting money so I carried 75 gallons of diesel on the way down and 110 on the way back. Used a 12 volt fuel pump to empty the drums into the truck tank. Heard a lot of rumors that I would be taxed for the fuel by the Canadians but they could of cared less. All border crossings were uneventful. Just be polite and leave the weapons at home.

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    And you never stopped by for a beer.
    About the time a guy hits Whitehorse, Fairbanks seems pretty close, and by that time, you just want to GET THAT DRIVER OVER! LOL!
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      Thats cool and all, but...

      Were are the pics of your boat? Whats the deal
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        But VISA charges a foreign transaction fee every time you use your card.
        When did this start? 6 months ago my Alaska Airlines Visa didn't charge a fee at all.

        Added on edit*** I guess it was 1% which in my mind is no big deal. It actually isn't a Visa deal at all, it's Bank of America's charge. 1% to not have to deal with Canadian cash and get an accurate exchange rate (and more airline miles) priceless

        I agree, though, if you can haul your own fuel that is the way to go.

        What is Visa’s fee structure for international transactions?

        Visa Inc. does not assess any fees to cardholders or merchants. Visa applies International Service Assessment (ISA) fees ranging from 0.15 to 1 percent to its financial institution partners for their use of the global payment system.

        The fees are paid by financial institutions on transactions that require the use of our global infrastructure. Since Visa does not assess any fees to cardholders or merchants, we have no involvement in financial institution pricing to cardholders or merchants. If financial institutions or merchants decide to assess a foreign transaction fee to their customers, they are required to provide details to their cardholders and consumers.

        As part of Visa’s international functionality, Visa has offered international processing services to its financial institutions for more than twenty years. Over the years, Visa has become a symbol of international acceptance, and Visa views its global support services as paramount to providing its cardholders with superior value and benefits.
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          Originally posted by c-bolt View Post
          Thats cool and all, but...

          Were are the pics of your boat? Whats the deal
          Will start another thread about the boat.


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            Good to hear she is finaly in your driveway
            Is it opening day of duck season yet
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              I hit Whitehorse for cash from the ATM and cache creek on the way back. It's about 1to1 on the exchange and the bank is better than those sharks at the money exchanges. Visa for late night fuel stops.
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                I'm going to Oregon the first of May. Is there any place other than Anchorage airport to get Canadian currency? jkb you mentioned that you were able to stop at a atm in Whitehorse and Cache Creek and got Canadian money for a better rate? or did I read that incorrectly?


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                  Driving up the end of July....we'll go up to Dawson City from Whitehorse so the family will miss all those frost heaves! this will be my 4th drive up and still looking forward to it. Didn't have any extra charges using my AK AIR Visa those other times, last in 2008, must be something new...still worth being able to use the card for 1% though...


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