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    I finally broke down and bought a handheld radio to have in my pocket when messing around on shore in my dinghy. They are inexpensive, sound good, and nice for checking the weather if you have been on shore hiking for a few hours and feel it's time for an up date. I think the best choice is a floatable/waterproof unit, no better time for it to fall in the drink then when your in and out of the dinghy. The best reason for one is probably for that fateful day when you are watching your boat drag anchor from several miles away or if it sank while you were having a picnic or you fell overboard leaving your kids or panicked wife alone on board. The best story I heard; Some hunters watched from shore as an iceberg climb their anchor line, bow, and eventually the whole boat!

    The reasons are many for having one. How many of you have them, back up for your main radio on your helm, or as your only one?

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    I've got one of the newer ICOM's (can't remember the model number,)

    and gotta say, those newer ones are getting so compact, lightweight, and well made,
    seems near essential for every boater to have one,

    For all the reasons you mention being seperated from your main vessel, etc. I also like,
    Checking the weather on the WX channels, any time of day, from any mtn top, etc.

    also having the knowledge that all those Comm guys passing by offshore can recieve on VHF
    (well if you're line of sight anyway)

    as well as having good communication with the USCG if I need to,
    the Helo guys,and C-130's on a mission, especially if I am involved on the ground, are talking on VHF 16 or 22a,

    and all the Sat phones etc. will leave you out of the loop, once they're off the ground coming your way, they're on VHF

    Good Thread subject, not sure if mine floats tho, guess I'll have to try that
    Ten Hours in that little raft off the AK peninsula, blowin' NW 60, in November.... "the Power of Life and Death is in the Tongue," and Yes, God is Good !


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      We have two handhelds vhf's on board our boat. One stays permanently in a ditch bag. The other one goes to shore with us any time we leave the boat. We don't overnight on our boat but camp on the beach. You would be surprised at the situations that come up where you need to communicate with someone via the vhf.

      The price of the handhelds has come down so much that in my opinion there is not a good reason not to carry one when you go to shore. I view them as a key safety item.

      One other thing to pass on, both my hand helds, Standard Horizon and ICOM, use either a rechargable battery or AA alkaline batteries. This gives more more power options for extended use of the handheld.



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        I only have the handheld - - I sure do want a bigger boat - I have 10footitis!


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