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Water in built in floor tank, can i use HEAT fuel treatment on Honda outboard?

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  • Water in built in floor tank, can i use HEAT fuel treatment on Honda outboard?

    going to install a racor filter system, But was wondering if "Heat" fuel treatment is harmful to outboard motors. And draining the tank completely is difficult. Any thoughts helps or tips would be appreciated.:question:

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    What kid of outboard is it, 2cl/4cl?


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      It's a 4-Stroke 50 honda


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        I doubt the heat will have any harmfull effect on a 4 stroke OB, how much water? If the dip tube is sucking off the bottom you should be able to get most of the water out by disconnecting the fuel line from the motor and removing the quick disconnect and pumping the contaiminated fuel out with the squeeze bulb.........or some very LOW pressure air into the filler neck.

        Of course will depend on how close to the bottom the dip tube is, you may be able to adjust the attitude of the boat to maximize that.

        Then use some type of fuel treatment to allow the fuel to absorb the remaining water................just a thought...
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          Run a shipon hose to where the water is....raise the boat so that the water settles to where you can remove the hose or fuel gauge inspection cover and shipon the water out.


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            I've dealt with this before and took care of it like Gramps suggested. Pull the fuel line at the motor and pump it in to a clear container (the water is easily seen in the gas). Our boat has a manually activated electric fuel pump which made it quite easy. When you don't get water any longer, hook things back up and throw some heet (red bottle) in the tank with the next fill up to take care of any residual droplets. Make sure the tanks are all full when you store it for the winter so there is no room for condensation.

            I got over a quart of water out before the gas was clean....

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              Seafoam is another GREAT product to use..


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                Siphoning the water off the bottom would be my recomendation as well, then add Heet, be sure it is from the red container ie. isopropyl alcohol. The stuff in the yellow container is worhtless. Your motor will be safe if the heet is used properly.


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                  Don't know any thing about outboard motors, but...Heet comes in two types just like .338WM says. The yellow bottle is for 4 stoke motors, "Use with gasoline engines. DO NOT use with 2-cycle gasoline or diesel engines: use Iso-HEET instead.", and the red bottle is: "Use in ALL engines, including 2-cycle or diesel engines." Don't have a clue how they are different.


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                    FYI, Honda does not make two strokes .
                    Air pressure of any kind should NOT be used on any fuel tank other than by the manufacture for tank testing purposes .
                    Yes install a RACOR fuel filter/water separator system and be sure to use the right one for your application [ Below deck = no site bowl ]
                    Get a cheap electric frame mount fuel pump , a battery and some fuel line and use the fuel pump to pull the fuel out of your tank . If your really good you can build a water separator/Filter to pull the fuel through before it hits the gas cans [ we call this, SCRUBBING Fuel ] it takes a while but does a VERY good job.

                    Once your buddies find out you have built one of these , you may get busy .


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