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  • Extreme Shallow 2475

    Looking at new boats. Any one have any experience with the 2475 ES? Any one know of reasons why not to consider this boat. I have noticed they are no longer listed/made on the Jetcraft website. Thanks

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    Just know your boat's limitations...

    This is not mine, but I came across it last season. Everyone I know that has one likes them. I don't believe they can haul a super heavy load but they travel in thin water, not this thin, but thin.


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      Lol they haul more wieght than you think they can. Then run in very skinny...

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        Don't get me wrong, This one had a big 4wheeler in it too but i think they used it to get out from this location. They do haul a good amount I just don't have the specifics of them. Besides sitting behind one of them and the exhaust noise they produce I like them and would have one, but if I add another boat to the fleet, I'll be in the market for a new wife...


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          I have a 2175 and really enjoy it, jetcraft is a decent company to deal with, some of the local dealers are another story. What size engine? I have the 200 horse, and it does well. I might be concerned about that engine in the bigger size if I was hauling heavy loads shallow. If it had the 250 (240)? might be another matter.


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            no first hand knowlege here....talked to a guy who has run the 24 footer and he said it does just fine but noticeably more sluggish than the 21 footer....not as quick handling....but I assume that it will still do great and probably pack more weight than the 21 footer...personally, I'd look at another style boat if I was wanting to pack more weight than the 21 foot XS can handle...

            if you have the opportunity to drive one of each before you buy I think your choice would be pretty clear on your preference, the differences between the 2 lengths are quite noticeable...
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