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  • Too good to be true??

    Anyone familiar with this gizmo?
    Seems other have seen it too.
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    In a nutshell all that gizmo is, is a glorified map clamp (regulate voltage to make the ecu see colder intake temps or map signals). been around a very very long time but you do risk the chance of running lean if you do not have a way to monitor your Air / Fuel ratio. If you want more info on how to build these for under 20.00 let me know

    Dyno-BOOST is a fully adjustable, engine specific performance controller designed for all EFI inboard & outboards engines controlled by ECU, simply wires inline with the factory harness of the IAT (Intake Air Temperature) or MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor. You will receive crisp acceleration, much more horsepower & torque, quicker holeshot times & surprisingly increased throttle response. Installation is easy, no - special tools or expertise required. Gain +15-35 additional HP, and improved acceleration by up to 30 % comparing to factory engine performance. It will not affect engine reliability or endurance.
    as for the "will not affect engine reliability or endurance" I call bull scat! I have watched many motors go tits up due to running too rich or too lean (lean = kiss your pistons good by / rich = hello fouled plugs and reduced performance resulting in excessive carbon build up and and potential flooding of the combustion chambers).

    Sooo many ways to get a few more ponies for under 10.00 just got to do some research

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      Would not touch it if I was payed. A richer fuel ratio is NOT the means to better performance unless the engine is running a too lean condition in the first place. The ideal ratio is 14.7 to 1 air to fuel, that is what what the ECM and related components try to maintain and constantly adjust for. Typically, if the ratio is richer, efficiency and economy is deminished, unburned fuel contaminates the egine oil and parts leading to accelerated wear.

      If you desire increased performance, concentrate on improving the air flow into and out of the engine then adjust the fuel ratio accordingly.

      That advertisement is a scam.


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        exactly what I am sayin 338WM. coming from a very heavy race enthusiast (Have owned several 9 second race cars in the lower 48) I know what I am talking about when it comes to this type of "scam" first steps to best performance increase is getting the motor to breath (intake/exhaust and how fast the air can effectively channel through that process "ingest / digest" after that if you want more ponies look into cam(s) / port work / forced induction and so on. just remember performance has its pro's and cons (and costs between initial part aquisition to higher maint and upkeep).

        "Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons."


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          Honestly that system is pure garbage! HTH


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