This is a boating Forum, is there not a boat in this picture??



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  • This is a boating Forum, is there not a boat in this picture??

    Not trying to get under your skin (much), late winter will do this to a guy. Some R&R during Spring Break was a welcome thing, and anywhere there's soft water, boats and warmth can't be bad! Twas a hoot. Oz Oh yeah, I'm the handsome devil in the middle. The finned featurettes are Yellowtail (all 40# plus) and an African Pompano. Not shown in the back of the pickup are 4 more Pompano, a Pargo (snapperlike fish) and 2 Sierra mackerel. Had a good day. Saltwater fishing would be a good forum but I figured what the hay, you guys like boats right? It's a 26' Panga, all 'glass with a 150 Yamaha 4-stroke, nice fish hold, livewell, fighting chair, a dynamite skipper (read that as old and experienced) and a cooler full of lunch and cold beverages. That's it, I'm leaving again.................BTW, East Cape, BajaClick image for larger version

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    Looks like a great time with the family!


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      Now those are some fine looking fish for the freezer there, Nice Job

      Got more details on the methods for success ?

      Oh yeah, nice boat also, i bet that baby flies,....
      Ten Hours in that little raft off the AK peninsula, blowin' NW 60, in November.... "the Power of Life and Death is in the Tongue," and Yes, God is Good !


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        OK, OK , one more time....

        SUN SCREEN


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          Hi Oz....looks like a better Spring break than we had, although all that wind on the Oregon coast made some spectacular waves to watch ~~~from under the rain hat, no sunscreen problems for us

          Say, that looks like something we'd like to do, haven't been to Baja yet, if you don't mind I'd appreciate a PM on where you were, where you stayed, boat got a website?, costs etc.

          Thanks either way ~~~~Ron


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            Originally posted by OzAK View Post
            This is a boating Forum, is there not a boat in this picture?? [ATTACH=CONFIG]47695[/ATTACH]
            Well, it's actually an Alaskan boating forum. Not that the picture really bothers me, but wouldn't it be better to post tropical fishing pictures in the General Discussion section?
            Originally posted by northwestalska
            ... you canít tell stories about the adventures you wished you had done!


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              Well Rod, and all, ahem, my initial post comment was definitely tongue-in-cheek, but as you pointed out, it's an Alaskan boating forum. Tongue-in-cheek again, are those not Alaskans boating, or just having boated? Sorry, couldn't resist, plus all that replied seemed to enjoy.
              Guess I'll have to post Alaskans snowmachining in Hawaii later.


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