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  • Coast Guard navigation lights

    I picked up a 1960 jon boat this winter and in the process of getting it ready for spring. Obviously, this will be a riverboat and I'm planning to mount some spot/head lights on the bow. I am confused about the requirements for the lights required by the coast guard for use after sunset until sunrise. Seems kinda ridiculous when it's not really dark here in the summer and you have other lights on the boat. I am planning to put on the lights but many friends and boat owners I know don't seem use them. So my question is: who enforces this rule on Alaska's rivers...CG or Troopers? How many of you installed the CG navigation lights? Any advice or brands to use, etc, will be appreciated.

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    then just buy the cheap clamp on ones from walmart for 20 bucks and have them ready if you must use them after sunset.


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      The lights are only important if you get checked. For all practical purposes they are useless unless you are anchoring up for the night in a cove or what-not. Both troopers and F&G can inspect your boat. On the ocean I have been inspected thoroughly, on the rivers it's been nothing but a license check.
      I would do as flatbottom suggested.
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        Any LEO or USCG can cite you for not having proper lighting on a boat. How useful the lights are to you makes no difference. That's like saying you can't see your own turn signal on your vehicle, so you shouldh't have to have one. See how that goes over in traffic court. Get the lights.
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          I think there are portable lights you can get to use at night that are battery powered as well. I see it all the time at our cabin on the Kenai where boats are running the river well after dark without lights. It is really unsafe, and where it will catch them is if they get in an accident the liability will clearly be there's without lights.

          I installed them on my Kenai boat at it was no big deal. I think I got a kit at West Marine that had both front marker lights and the anchor light, and a switch to turn them on and off.
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