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Honda BF90 20" as a jet motor...?

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  • Honda BF90 20" as a jet motor...?

    I have a spare 20" 2005 Carb model Honda 90 outboard I am thinking about turning into a jet motor. They are on the heavy side, and I have heard that they are sluggish as a jet motor. But I happen to have a spare motor so I am thinking about it.

    I am thinking that if I do convert it I will put it onto a SeaArk 1860 MVJT (jet tunnel) and put on a tiller. I have seen tiller kits for about $300 and a few new jet pump kits for $1200-1500 new.

    Any thoughts? Who has the a Honda 90/65 jet pump motor? Anyone have a used jetpump for the Honda?


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    Yes I have used them. Honda's are good motors but like you say on the heavy side. The power would be ok on your open 18 ft boat but you would need some weight forward with the tiller. It wouldn't be good if you were the only guy in the boat with the Honda and you both at the transom, it would be tail heavy. It would work better with two friends forward than by yourself, or with a center console to help balance the weight. Glen


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      I agree with Glen that it would be a little tail heavy by yourself. Consider a console install maybe?
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        rigged one on a 18 lowe on a manual jackplate, sprung the transon and cracked some braces first trip out. It is a heavy motor and a jack plate puts a lot of extra leverag on the transom, however the boat worked well after some transom bracing. If you have a motor just laying around it would make a fine package, but I would also suggest a console and maybe a 4 blade stainless impeller


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          I've put in a few hours with that set up.
          The good:
          Hondas are reliable
          Low maintenance
          Fuel efficient
          The less than good:
          Heavy, need transom supports.
          Very slugish compared to other motors would make a better big prop torque tug boat type motor.

          Funny thing I learned from a guy in Fairbanks running a similar set up as mine for about 15 or 20 years that the Honda 90 likes the aluminum prop better for carrying loads.

          Bottom Line I always wanted a different motor but $$$ prohibited it but you have one so go for it.
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            Hey thanks everyone.

            We shall see what I end up doing. I am losing my 16' Tiller Jetskiff in another trade so that is why I am looking at using my spare 90 as a jet motor. My other boat is a SeaArk too. If I do I think a forward console would be better then a tiller setup (thanks Glen... from the source!). But I really love running a tiller! Also thanks for the ideas on the transom support. My 16' with a tunnel does get some torque put on the transom when I slide over rocks a stuff so yes the heavy Honda would add even more stress.

            Lowe&Slow - my other Honda is on a 22' Harbercraft Landing craft and it came (used) with a four blade stainless for load carring (it was used as a setnet boat in Yakutat) and this weekend I am trying it with an aluminum 3 blade to see what happens.

            I have found that running rivers over the years that if your boat is balanced correctly such that there is little to now bow rise that slow to plane is not as important because you do not "sink the stern" and hit the bottom.

            Thanks for the replies and more are welcome. I'd like to hear what others have to say. Also what about are there passages in the motor that are most succeptable to clogging? For example My Tohatsu has a thermostat that was causing me grief so I removed it (fouling) and on another motor the water cooling "pee hole" necked down and that always got clogged with sand.



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              Ok update! I had some serious work to make it happen, but I sucessfully took my spare parts BF90 and 1) replaced most everything, 2) added a tiller 3) added an ebay jet unit (which had a lot of sized bolts on it) 4) diagnosed a pinched wire that caused fuses to pop and 5) took care of a carb issue. I have two 12 gallon tanks mounted in the bow, and keep my cooler (which doubles as a bench) in the front as well.

              I put this motor on a SeaArk 1860 MVJT as a tiller, and oh man it is powerful, fun, and fuel efficient. I am very happy with this setup.



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