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  • Which Radar to Buy

    I am looking at replacing the radar on my boat this spring as the old Faruno I have is not working and it is like 15+ years old. I am looking for something that I can just turn on and have it work. I'm not into the fine tuning for a decentpicture. Anyone got suggestions? This is for a 28' Bayliner.

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    Hey I have the garmin 740s. Its everything its hyped up to be and more. You can get the whole ball of wax for about 2500.00 minus the transducer. I know you're just looking for a radar, but once you've used the bathometric chart or the "fisheye" view of the bottom you'll be convinced. Mark my words its the real deal IMO

    (not advocating west marine but its just an example)

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      For under $1350 you could get a single purpose radar like the Furuno 1623 LCD Radar System.

      This is the radar I am considering installing on my boat, much like the kicker I have hanging off the stern it wouldn’t get much use, but nice to have when you need it.

      If I lived down in the Pacific Northwest I’d defiantly have broad band radar for its clarity and instant on ability, but for the rare occasions I would need radar out in PWS in the summer it just doesn’t make economical sense.
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