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    Anyone have any experience/thoughts/opinions on North Rivers?
    I'm pretty much set on getting another Wooldridge, but I really like the design of the Trappers/Commanders. Nice cab forward for good river visibilty.
    On a separate topic, which are generally cheaper to maintain, outboard jets, or inboards? Looks like you can pick up a brand new 5.7 Vortec for less than $8,000 or so, which sure beats a new outboard.
    Fighting gravity is never cheap.

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    Well, the inboard can give you defroster, heat, more horse power, less expensive, most will run at a lower rpm than an outboard and usually better fuel economy. But all this comes at the price of extra weight and space inside of the boat unless you go to a fish deck. But having the motor inside the boat also free's up the back for a full length swim step to strap gear on. And with a fish deck you have storage on both sides of the motor as well as on top of the deck. In addition, you can find quite a few replacement parts at most auto stores.

    Outboard is lighter, more expensive and free's up space inside the boat. But an outboard is easier to clear if the pump gets stuck full of crap. Even a 250 hp outboard connected to a 212 doesnt have near the power of a good 5.7. Outboard would be easier to flush out of the water.

    Am sure there are more +'s and -'s to both but that is about all I can think of at the moment. Boats 20 feet and under can do well with an outboard. Much bigger or heavier inboard is the way to go.

    My choice, V-8 baby! Others will have different opinions and hopefully they will offer some advice. Can't see much of a difference in maintaining either. Make sure the water drains out of the inboard before winter. Change the oil and filters. Maybe change the antifreeze in the V8. Or for DI outboards buy the DI oil.

    Don't know much about NR boats so can't comment on them.


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