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1994 wooldridge 15ft power??

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  • 1994 wooldridge 15ft power??

    I have a 1994 wooldridge Alaskan 15ft, I'm looking at selling my FI Yamaha 80 Jet for something smaller that I can run on the kenai and the little su. I was told that a Tahtsu (sp??) 35 jet (50 power head) would get me on step and push it up the kenai...can anyone offer any insight ?

    Thanks in advance for your input!!

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    I haven't run the new 50 Tohatsu but years ago I did test a 50 Tohatsu on a 15 ft Wooldridge Alaskan it worked fine with 2 guys my size [180lbs] and would plane with 3 guys my size but with 3 you would wish you had a larger motor or a longer boat. Glen


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      Thanks Glen, I appreciate the input!!

      On another note, I'm really looking forward to getting my new 20 ft XL sport jet on the rivers as soon as marita gets the motor broke in, from what I've read and watched on youtube this is going to be one fun summer !


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        Congratulations You will love the way it handles. Glen


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