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Avanti 12 volt referigerator?

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  • Avanti 12 volt referigerator?

    :think:The Norcold refer that I have on my boat no longer works on the 12 volt side and I am looking to replace it with something a little more eficient and with better cooling. I was looking on the internet and the new Norcolds were running around 650$ or so and I came across the Avanti brand of 12/120 volt refers and they are running around 199$ I am likeing this price a lot better. My other option is to get a small 120 volt refer and hook it up to an inverter.
    Has anyone ever used one of the Avanti refers or have any input on them.

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    We have one in the office, the RM4550W-2 version (and have only had it a short time but it works great. We also, have another with in our division that we have had for at least 6 years that I know of for sure. Never had an issue with it. We got them from Brooks Range supply in Deadhorse. Its the only brand they sell, and they told me they have never had a problem with them and they have been selling them for several years. As far as running it on a power inverter, I don't think it will be an issue. I have a 5 cu freezer in my motor home that I run off a power inverter on. Been doing it for 5 years. Works well. I may have gone overkill, as its a 1500W inverter, but I use it for many things.


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      $180.00 here Heck at that price it's about like buying an ice chest, looks like it runs at 83 watts.
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