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Electrical repair on Sea Sport

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  • Electrical repair on Sea Sport

    My gauge that indicates how much I have raised my stern drive has malfunctioned. Does anyone know a good technician in Anchorage or the Valley that might solve this problem?

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    What is the make of your outdrive? Volvo?


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      I would think it is. I have an 06' Sportsman and its all Volvo, engine and drive. I will also add that my trim gage is about worthless. It will tell you generally whether its more up than down, but other than that, I cannot see how it would be accurate enough to know. It kind of moves here, there and around. Maybe it needs replacement as well. I just really paid attention where it was in relation to how much up and/or down I did and know where its at now. Granted, I have to make my adjustments from all the way up or all the way down to know.

      Would like to hear how things turn out Leveen as I may check it out as well.
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        I think the trim sensors are very problematic. I had new Volvo outdrives/sensors and it seems like they only lasted 4 years when they started giving funky readings.

        Try Andy at NOAH's Marine 907 349-4422 or

        Odeis Marine 907 333-0241


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          Before you take your boat to a mechanic, try a couple of simple tests:

          Locate the wire or wires that attach to the back of the gauge, disconnect and reconnect them. If there is visible corrosion clean or scrape it off as best you can. Often just pulling and reattaching wire connectors reestablishes a good connection.

          Do the same with the switch.
          If that doesn’t work do the same at the stern drive, find were the gauge wires attach.
          Often most electrical problems are just corroded connectors.

          Hope its this simple, I hate electrical problems but not as much as paying someone to figure them out for me.

          Good luck!
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            I had my Osprey for 8 years and had to replace the trim level indicator twice. The indication I had a problem is my trim gauge needle would oscillate back and forth wildly. On my Volvo outdrive, it was a black sensor that is visible when the outdrive is up (located on the starboard side). The controller was located in the engine hold. The biggest pain was fishing the control cables through the o/d housing and into the engine hold. After that, it was real easy to attach the sensor to the controls. If you don't feel like fighting this, take it to Odie.


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