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    So i know someone in here probably has done it, I know it can be done in an air boat as ive seen them parked up there but i was wondering if a person could take a flat bottomed river boat with a jet unit up the south fork of the koyukuk from the bridge. I am curious as to what a person could expect as far as is there enough water, rapids, rocks, hows the scenery... wildlife... you get the picture. If you know id be interested to chat with you.

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    We do it with very light flatbottoms with tunnels so we can push the boats through the shallow stuff, it's a beautiful trip but you need to keep light because pushing is mandatory.
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      I assume you are talking about going upstream from the bridge right? What time of year do you do it? How far can you go? If you dont want to put all of that info out there you can email me at Thanks in advance for the info.


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