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Custom boat build times, actual vs. projected

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  • Custom boat build times, actual vs. projected

    I thought it would be interesting, as well as useful to those looking at new boats to collect some information in a thread about the custom build process. So that this thread will last and not get edited or deleted, please just stick to the facts, and don't bash, promote or argue about various brands.

    What I would like to hear about from others is the following information about their custom boat build, I will use mine as an example:

    Manufacture: Seawolf Marine
    Order date: September 2007
    Promised time to delivery: 18 months
    Actual delivery time: within 3 weeks of projected time.

    Comments: I could have probabily gotten the boat on schedule if I would have pushed them, but I was not going to bring the boat to Alaska until spring, so it was not an issue.
    2009 Seawolf 31'
    Fully Loaded

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    Our custom boat construction project was a 28' x 10' Glaciercraft King Offshore.

    Manufacture: Glaciercraft Boats
    Order date: 13 June 2007
    Promised time to delivery: 12-14 months [projected completion date from construction contract {s}]
    Actual delivery time: 3 years & 1 month [12 July 2010]

    Comments: After the hull had already been constructed, learned that is was NOT manufactured in Alaska as advertised & or promised, but instead in WA state from Armstrong Marine. I was OK w/ it afterwards, since it greatly assisted w/ the completion date.


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      Our custom boat construction project was a 30' x 11' Armstrong Cat.

      Manufacture: Armstrong Boats

      Order date: March 2008

      Promised time to delivery: June 2008 ( that was the finish time, but I still had to get it shipped up north).

      Actual delivery time: If I rember correctly the boat was 10 days behind what they said it was going to be.

      Comments: They are a great group of guys to deal with and made my boat building experience a posotive one.


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        Order 33' Cold Water Dec 2006 delivery date May 2007 had boat delivered to Anchorage on 30 May Fishing June 1
        Great service and delivered on time. Shipping from Wa took 3 days.


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          Manufacture: Glacier Craft
          Order date: October 2005
          Promised time to delivery: Purchased an August 2006 delivery date
          Actual delivery time: Only 20 +/- months late. Took it home March 2008.
          Comments: Met some great people through the build process. The best part of the entire process was leaving.
          sigpicSpending my kids' inheritance with them, one adventure at a time.


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            What do they say about pouring salt in a wound???


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              Wooldridge 29' pilot house.
              Ordered boat June 2010 to secure priceing for the following year. Boat build date set for Feb(?) 2011, ready for May 2011.
              Boat build started early, Sept 15th, 2010.
              Boat ready Mid January 2011.
    , less than 4 months.
              Picked up Feb 2011......all in all--happy camper!!roud:
              29' Wooldridge Pilot House, Twin 200 Hp Etecs! "...Pez Gordo..."
              18' Wooldridge Sport with 200 hp sport jet. "...Little Pez..."


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                2 boat orders

                2 experiences...

                May 2006: Aerohead 30
                Oct 2006: company filed bankruptcy
                Due date: Dec 2006
                Results: 1 demo ride, 2 baseball caps, no sheet metal, no hardware

                March 2010: Glaciercraft 32' (boat was built w/ electronics installed) - needed o/b
                Due date: May 2010
                Aug 2010: Received boat (everything installed and working)
                Comments: had issues getting outboards but that was resolved, had issues with getting accessories such as spare trailer tire and hub, Anchor puller, etc. In the end, all was resolved. Afterwards, the builder cleaned up some boat issues with the railing and trim tabs (warranty work) without issue.
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                  Ordered our Sea Sport in Sept 2005 (might of been 04, getting to old to remember). Asked it be ready for pick up the following April. Was notified it was ready in March. Picked it up in April and towed it back and AMDS installed the outdrive. They installed it incorrectly (cut the bellows) and it ended up costing me about $1,600 to correct their mistake.. When I approached AMDS they told me, told bad for me and would not reimburse me any of my out of pocket expenses even though I had complained about the installation two or three times the first year the boat was used as water was leaking into the bilge.

                  At this point in my life am 99% certain I'll NEVER buy another new boat. The deprecation and buying all the extras is simply to money draining. Buy used and have someone else suck up the deprecation and equipping the boat with extras and electronics.


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                    Manufacture: Wooldridge Boats
                    Model: Alaska XL - Custom
                    Deposit: October 2010
                    Forecasted: March 2011 - Make First Barge
                    Actual: Late January 2011 (Probably could have finished quicker, but no hurry due to barge date.)
                    Comments: Also, one happy camper!


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                      Manufacture: Riddle Marine
                      Model: RMX 24 Canyon
                      Deposit: 1st of Sept 2010
                      First hull photo: Sept 3rd 2010
                      Forecast build time 8 weeks, ran the Snake with it the first week of Nov 2010, had it home for Christmas
                      Comments: Meant some great people with a huge amount of knowledge, WAY past happy camper!!!


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                        Manufacture: Pacific Skiffs
                        Modle: V2325 CC
                        Delivery date was 4 months from date of order , It showed up in 3 months and 29 days. Got to get some new FRIENDS through the process and still stay in touch. As matter of fact, the guy in the white T-shirt in my sig pic is Kenny , my salesman.


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                          Glaciercraft - 32 by 11 ft

                          Manufacture: Glaciercraft
                          Order date: February 19, 2007
                          Contract delivery date December 2007: 10 months
                          Status: After 4 years, 1 month still not finished.
                          Expect to be on the water in May 2011


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                            WOW!!!!!!!!!If I don not know better I would swear you had to be lying.What could he possible say after being 4 years late?

                            Originally posted by Captain Ron View Post
                            Glaciercraft - 32 by 11 ft

                            Manufacture: Glaciercraft
                            Order date: February 19, 2007
                            Contract delivery date December 2007: 10 months
                            Status: After 4 years, 1 month still not finished.
                            Expect to be on the water in May 2011


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                              Why not get your money back for breech of contract?


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