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Fuel vent whistle?

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  • Fuel vent whistle?

    I've read that some boat manufactures used to install a deivice in the fuel vent that would whistle from air escaping the fuel vent when filling the tank on a boat. I've searched high and low on the internet for such a device and have come up empty. The overflow containers made to stick on over the hull vent won't work on my hull configuration. I'm generally pretty careful about backing off on the fill rate when I think its getting close, but if there's a Harley or Peterbuilt pulled into the station it's pretty hard to hear the gurgle sound.

    If such a device isn't available I bet a resourceful individual could retire early by coming up with one! It seems like such a simple concept it's hard to figure why it's not a standard feature.

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    Wouldn't it whistle the same the hole time you are filling it, since the volume going in is the same rate, and dsplacing the same amount of air whether the tank is empty or near full? Please correct me if I am missing your point.

    I am aamazed by how much fuel expanrs with temperature. I had a nice puddle going the other day in the driveway when the sun hit the boat and warmed up the full tank. Dripping fuel doen's do the aspalt much good.

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      re:whistle noise

      The way I understand it the whistle was installed somewhere on the fuel vent line and as little droplets of fuel contacted the whistle it would cease whistling. I've heard these are quite common on fuel oil tanks and serve the same purpose.


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        Vent whistle

        I had them on my other boat and not only did it warn you when it was full but the sound would change as the fuel tank became more full and so you could tell how much longer you had to go. (The main tank was 200 gallons).


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          Looks pretty simple to build one. Just get the appropraite sized barb fitting for your vent line, add some solder in the end intill when you blow through it, it whistles?


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            Originally posted by FarmerGrant
            Looks like a nice unit but

            Currently in Production!

            If you're interested in being one of the first people to have this outstanding product, please fill out the form below. Our sales department will contact you as soon as the product is available for shipment.
            Looks like building one would be the only option at the moment..


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                Fuel vent whistle?

                A Bayville, NY company produces and markets a fuel tank vent whistle to fit a 5/8" vent line:


                At $29.95 plus shipping it isn't cheap, but I thought this would be better than trying to listen to the fuel gurgling in the fill pipe. I ordered one on Sunday night, it was delivered Wednesday, USPS Standard (I am in NH).

                I haven't installed it yet... the boat has a full tank already so it might be a week or two before it gets tested. I will let you know...


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                  Fuel Vent Whistle - works!

                  I installed a fuel vent whistle purchased from as noted. I have fueled the boat about six times since and not once have I had a problem with overfill. The whistle works well and can be heard loud and clear. As the tank nears full the pitch changes and then it goes quiet. I found I can add about 1/2 to 1 gallon more after it goes silent without over filling. I can't say I know how it works but I suspect that as the tank nears full fuel vapors begin to condense inside the whistle preventing the vapors from resonating, not unlike too much spit inside some wooden child's whistles. When they get wet they don't whistle! anyway, it works great and well worth the money I paid for it.

                  Follow the instructions, install it as nearly verticle as possible. I put it directly above the required surge protector. (That's the thing which is supposed to prevent fuel from spilling out the vent when filling or when navigating rough or just bumpy waters, but none of them work.)
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                    Thanks for the report!
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