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    Okay Gentleman, I have spoke to Lowrance and Simrad and worked out a deal to upgrade from my HDS-10 to a Simrad NSE12. Before I pull the trigger, and pay $$$$ for the upgrade, I wanted to ask a few questions from anyone who has an NSE12 or viewed one in a store:

    1. Generally speaking, how did you feel about the unit, solid, great display, dependable?
    2. For the extra dollars, would you recommend the upgrade? (As a note: I am on my 3rd HDS-10)
    3. I will be fishing in waters mainly 5 - 80 ft. So, would the NSE be considered an overkill? Or, a better unit which is considered highly sensitive, and will provide good detail (better resolution - obviously).

    I suppose I hate to spend $$$$ for an upgrade, when it would be considered a major overkill! But, after reading, I don't think it would be consider overkill. But rather on the fence - definitely a coastal unit, but also a super high end inland unit?

    I do not want to switch over to Hummingbird, because I'll have pull all the wiring including my LSS-1. So, Lowrance/Simrad worked with me on options. So, I either stay with Lowrance HDS-10, or upgrade spending additional $$$$? Gosh, it is a lot of $$$$ for freshwater fishing, but I do like the high resolution the NSE offers. If it wasn't for the BSM-1 requirement, it would be much more affordable.

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    I just installed and been using the NSE12 and NSE8 for about a month. I was very impressed how fast the unit zooms in and out. It's also very veiwing friendly in sunlight. Its was fairly easy to set up and use. Simrad has alway been one of the most dependable companies. I'm not that famillar with the HDS-10 to give a opinion on that. The NSE12 is a pretty big machine so keep that in mind the NSE8 quite a bit smaller and is also very fast and clear. I do think that it is a overkill for fresh water and shallower depths your talking about. The NSE is a Multifunctioal unit if you also wanting radar, auto pilot, and weather instruments then maybe not overkill. But if you want the best I think that Simrad is probabaly the best. If your just going to use GPS and Depth and dont want the Sounder Module maybe Garmin is the way to go. I'm pretty sure the sounder module is built in unlike Simrad, Furuno and Ray Marine. People that have Garmin seem to like them. Hope my 2 cents is helpfull.


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      Correct, I only plan to use for Side Scan, Sonar and GPS. I guess I am somewhat of an electronics nut, and the NSE is impressive. I will admit, do like the high resolution of the NSE 12.

      I am concerned about mounting. I have exactly 14.5" wide for mounting. And the depth of the unit is a concern. I have a Hewescraft Searunner, so it is going to be tight. The problem I have is that my steering wheel will cover part of the screen. So, I will raise the unit up to solve that problem. But then the top of the screen may hit the windshield. If I take a picture and post, do your think you maybe able to tell me if it may or may not fit? Heck, if it won't fit, I just answered my question, no NSE12.


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        Smokin I hate to hear about your bad luck with the HDs 10 unit. I put one in last fall and then installed the BR 24 radar. To go with the radar over chart option I have to use a Simrad heading compass. I wanted to talk with Simrad about this unit and had no luck at all calling and getting in touch with anyone. I finally sent them an email and 4 days later I did get a phone call from a technician and he was very helpful. I asked about no one answering when I called in and was told they are busy. Earlier in this chase for info I did find out that Navico bought out part of Simrad to be part of the company with Lowrance. I talked with the remaining part of Simrad company, if I remember right in Seattle and was told they could not help me because of the sale of the part of the company that I need help with was now Lowrance/Navico. The man also stated that he had been told by several people calling him for help that the other part of Simrad was next to impossible to get in touch with. I'm not bad mouthing this new company in any way, just relaying my customer experience with them. I have used Lowrance products for years and have had good luck, with the product and customer support. I would really like to know what kind of problem you had with the HDS 10 and what I should be watching for.
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          1st Unit = a software glitch that Lowrance couldn't correct
          2nd Unit = a bad capacitor

          This is how I understand it, Navico owns Lowrance and Simrad. Each is it's own company, or operated as such. So far, each customer service has been great! But, I cannot say 'great' on Lowrance's quality. It seems to be inconsistent, in my experience. So, that is why I am leaning towards the upgrade. Simrad has been very responsive!

          When I had my HDS-10, I burned a lot of time scratching my head. Each time out on the water, I found myself trouble shooting... 'is it working right', 'or, is it not'? It is possible I have a lot of turbulence in the back of my boat from motor/trim tabs. But, my sidescan works great without problems that I can see, so I ruled that out on the sonar side. I am reluctant to drill a hole in my aluminum hull for the 'thru-hull' ducer.

          I wonder if a lot of guyz drill holes in their hull for thru-hull ducers in the North West?


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            Smokin glad to hear that you had good luck with Simrad customer service. How did you get in touch with them. Do you have a different phone number. I more than likely will have to contact them more about the install and calibration of their heading sensor that I'm going to install. I think they are a good company and good product. About the ducers, I have both glass and aluminum boats and they both have the ducers on the rear transom.
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              Well, before I pull the trigger and purchase the NSE12, I decided to run by and do some measurements on the boat. Guess what? The unit will barely fit, but I won't have room to tilt the unit. I could get a smaller steering wheel (12" if they're available?). That way I can see the bottom of the fish finder. Or, I could mod the dash, but I hate to do that. It would require cutting the instrument panel to the right. All I need is 3/4" where the instrument panel is located!! Unbelievable!! Anyone want to buy a Hewescraft!

              Here are some pictures of my dilemma.

              As you can see, the top of the steering wheel will be covering the bottom of the fish finder. So, I'll have to constantly peek over the top of the steering wheel. If I raise the unit, it will hit the glass (windshield). At most, I could probably raise the fishfinder about 1".

              So, I need to extend the steering wheel out, and/or go to a smaller diameter steering wheel. A tilt steering wheel wouldn't give me much extra. Although, I will confirm that tomorrow.
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                not real familiar with the hewescraft, but can you mount the unit off the roof?
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                  That is a good point, as I have thought about that.... here is a picture (softtop). I could make a bracket, but it would have to be off to side or it will impede my vision while driving. I know, it would be great..... I wouldn't rule it out, but it is possible. I am thinking about a mod to the gauges panel.
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                    Another picture..
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