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    Has anybody run the Chatanika between the Steese and Elliot Highways? I was thinking of floating it, but I have a 14 foot Yukon with a 35HP Jet that I could use as well. On a normal water level, is there enough water to run it with that set up? Are there decent areas to launch on the Steese?

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    I have floated a portion of this section in a canoe years ago, I was not into boating then but from what I remember it would be ok in the size boat you are talking about. Maybe at real low water it could be dicey...........? Hopefully someone else w/current knowledge will chime in.
    There is good access in several spots along the Steese. Esentially the road parallels the river for quite a ways, untill it starts to get into steeper terrain anyway. The Steese meets up with the Chat at about 30-32 mile, several landings that are decent along there, but the bridge at 39 mile would be a good starting point......
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      Thanks Akgramps. I saw a couple of video's on youtube with some kayakers and one jetboater. It looks like it can get a little dicey in spots, but doesn't look too bad all in all. My daughter drew the antlerless tag in the area and I wanted to make more of a hunt out of it rather than just cruising the road. I'll probably do a scouting trip for decent areas this summer.

      Any other info on running this river would be appreciated.


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        ran a 24' w/90 jet ..pass 42 mile steese...sweepers cross the whole river at some points...did the canone a few times39 mile to e-bridge..ok a few fish ..but no size.......


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