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Need help with inflatable!

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  • Need help with inflatable!

    I have an old 15.5' avon that I bought last year and now that I am putting it back together im worried that the way the guy before me put this together isnt going to work. He made this peace of diamond plate to attach to the front of the boat with a bracket and then attach to the first slide of the aluminum floor but it doesnt give a whole lot of room so he drilled the holes right on the edge.. I am worried that going through rough seas the front of my boat will just buckle what do you guys think? thanks for the help.

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    The floor boards you have are exactly the same as the ones in my Zodiac, except the front board is wood rather than aluminum with two tabs of composite, which fit on the other side of the tongue to keep the board from rising up over the next floor board. I would be a little concerned about the setup you have as it is tearing or cutting the boat. the front board will hinge in the waves and is normal. Iwould recommend that you that you make a couple or three tabs, about 3" wide held on the rear of the front plate by flush/counter sunk fasteners that allow it to flex/hinge while under way.

    I hope that is helpful.


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      any chance you can take pics for me so I can think of an easy way to make mine?


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