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    With Maxweld gone who site on the top of the stack for aluminum cat. hulls?Are cats that much better?

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    You are opening a can of worms with this one. I think everyone that owns a cat thinks they are better, and those that choose monohulls over cats think they are the best. In general, I have been impressed with how cats handle choppy headseas, they are very stable and fast in these conditions. I think when the seas get bigger where they have a chance at hitting the flat center portion, they are not much fun, as evidenced by the problems the state's fast ferries had this winter in PWS.

    Cats are very stable at rest as well.

    As for what brand is best, Armstrong is a good brand, but they are expensive. I did notice one of these showing up on recenly, here is a link to a fine looking boat:
    2009 Seawolf 31'
    Fully Loaded


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