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Trailering to Whittier

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  • Trailering to Whittier

    Can anyone give me the rundown on taking my boat to Whittier? I've never been so I don't know what it cost to go through the tunnel? What is the launching and parking situation once there? Is there a public doc or slip I can rent by the day?
    Any help would sure be appreciated.

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    I can only help you a little, as I have not trailered my boat there yet. I found a site about the tunnel, and it said $20 for truck with a boat. Unless you have a boat large enough to require the "oversized" tags.

    I plan on headed down on Sunday for a few days. It will be my first trip to Whittier with the boat!!! Can't wait !!!

    Hoefully someone else can answer the rest of your questions.

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      re:trailering to whittier

      The fee for taking your boat through the tunnel I think varies by beam of your boat. For most boats it's $20 for the round trip through the tunnel. Boats are usually designated to lane 3 when waiting for the tunnel to open. Most often there will be someone with boat and trailer ahead of you waiting, so you can basically just follow along through the tunnel and to the launch ramps. The 1st ramp (west) is best for smaller vessels but has a very short float so not many boats can tie up after launching. The far (east) ramp has a longer float. Most people with glass boats prefer the outer side of the ramp away from the breakwater. There's a launch fee...don't ask me why considering the ramp conditions. Be patient as this little harbor is way under developed for the amount of use it gets. After launching you have to park truck and trailer back across the tracks in the city lot that you passed on your way into town. You will pay for parking and then look forward to a 10 minute walk back to the ramp. It's somewhat of a hassle, but once you are out in the Sound it makes it all worth it IMHO.


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        whittier fees

        tunnel fee is $20
        launch fee has gone up to $20 a boat
        parking is $10.

        So if you do the math its $50 dollars before you even touch the water, then add gas money, it gets to be an expensive weekend. I gripe and moan about the prices but like what was mentioned earlier it is one of the nicest places to go out of once you are on the water. I try to get out at least every other weekend out of whittier, so the fees must not bother me too much.


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          There is a season Tunnel pass available as well.

          It may have parking combo with it. I am not positive on that.Our friends launch out of Whittier every other weekend as well.
          I plan on starting next weekend.
          It is worth the hassle!


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            When launching and retrieving, it's best to not go at low tide if you can help it. At low tide, there's not room on the dock for very many boats.


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              Summer Pass

              If you are going to launch more than 6 times in a year, purchase a summer pass for $120.
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                Launching out of Whittier at low, or worse minus, tide is a bit of a pain -- make sure you don't drop the rear axle of your towing rig off the end of the ramp. Seen that a few times, and fortunately I've learned how to throw my 24' Trophy off the end of the ramp.

                Most important thing for me with Whittier is just to be patient, because as mentioned the launch facilities are way undersized and traffic can be heavy. The walk to the parking lot is dreadful.

                As mentioned, it's all worth it once you hit PWS -- shrimping and fishing at the same time, along with loads of great scenery and anchorages make it a great place to go.

                And no, I don't know why they charge launch fees either LOL -- the roughest part of the trip for my boat is the ramp.


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                  Trailering to Whittier

                  Has the price for monthly parking in the lot gone up this year ? We haven't been down this year yet.


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                    Go off peak

                    My advice for your first time is to go during off-peak times. Do not try to launch or retrieve Friday night, Saturday morning, or Sunday afternoon. It could mean the difference between an ordeal or just an experience. Whittier is not bad when you are not being pressured to rush.

                    The advice about the tides is right on also.

                    Parking is the same as last year I believe - $10 for a day; $25 for three, $45 for seven, $75 for 15, $120 for a month.

                    It is expensive just to get in the water. 3 days out is our minimum, 4 or more days out is preferred.

                    Whittier harbor is so tight that I believe they won't give you a transient slip unless your boat has a history of using transient slips. Not positive on this though.


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                      One other thing that should be mentioned. Don't be one of those that launches there boat and then carries there coolers, poles etc. down to the boat. Load the boat up with what ever you are taking before you launch.
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                        a men!!!!!!!! Had a boat last week with an enigne problem(before the boat touched the water) so instead of pulling off the ramp they parked on the ramp and proceded to fix the problem while the line of boat coming and going backed up.

                        Originally posted by 4whlr
                        One other thing that should be mentioned. Don't be one of those that launches there boat and then carries there coolers, poles etc. down to the boat. Load the boat up with what ever you are taking before you launch.
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                          I'm surprised that was allowed to happen. Whittier's been pretty good lately about having someone at the ramp to keep things moving.


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                            The ramp nazi gets after you most times if its not moving fast enough.


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                              Razors in Whittier

                              I go out of Whittier very often.Laugh if you want,but one thing that I have been doing since they have opened up the tunnel to vehicle traffic and force you to park so far away is to use a Razor scooter to get to the parking lot and back.Sure it embarrasses the friends and family as I come zipping back down the dock folding up the scooter and putting it in my Osprey. But I will usually beat several people back that left before me,and it frees up some space for somebody else. All that I asked for for Christmas this year was new Razor. She works great.


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