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honda or yamaha pull starts?

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  • honda or yamaha pull starts?

    I can afford a new electric start 25hp tiller but still might opt for a manual start just to save money. Does anyone know which pulls easier between a honda & yamaha?

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    I use both every day. I think the Yamaha pulls easyer but the honda starts better.. so my vote would be for the honda. it is realy tough to tell which one pulles the easyest.



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      9.9 Honda

      I have a 9.9 Honda, and it started on the first pull of the year. Not hard to pull at all. You pull the choke out, put the throttle to idle, and pull it once. This is my second year with this motor. So far I am impressed. I got the manual start honda since you can start it without a battery, but it has an alternator on it, so if I drain my main batteries, I can fire it up and charge them enough to get the maim motor starter, although this may take a while since I think it is rated at 6amps.

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        my Yamaha 25 hp 4 stroke...

        is a manual tiller and it pulls like buttah. I just got it this summer and am really impressed how easy it starts and pulls. Knowing Honda quality, they are just as good. You'll be happy with either.
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