I need a versatile GPS for water ways and hunting



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  • I need a versatile GPS for water ways and hunting

    Ok, I need a GPS that will get me along the coast line, the Yukon river and the western parts of Alaska. It needs to be waterproof, large enough memory to add stuff onto it, and maybe even be a VHF radio!!!! I've seen em, but, I do not know the exact software to get....I'll be living in golovin, so, i'll be hitting the ocean at times, then going caribou hunting in the mountains all the way towards kaltag, and then maybe floating the yukon river....

    help! I'm leaving pretty soon and i gotta make a decision!
    Scotty in the AK bush

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    check out the Garmin Rino 560. Little spendy but has radio (not VHF) and color gps. If you absolutely need waterproof then check out the Garmin 76cs. I have one and love it. Also have a couple of Rinos but they are not waterproof. The 76 is bluechart capable and easy to use in my opinion.


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      GARMIN 60 CS or CX

      This is the best choice in my opinion, large memory, color screen, large screen as well, and loaded with tons of options. Good luck!


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        Garim map data

        The Blue chart map data that you can add to the Garmin is really great for ocean data. I have my 76cx setup with this, as well as some topo datasets I downloaded from my pc for the land. I just switch which dataset I am using if I am on land or in the ocean. I would stick witha Garmin product for the blue chart alone.
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          gps -vhf

          i got uniden vhf-magelln gps combo.
          It is submersible has emegerency radio signals and will accept downloads fromj magellen. marine or topo.it will do everythinjg put pick your nose for you. its very easy to use too. look in cabellas. got mine on ebay for $300. It as for sale locally for 400. You migh want to get an extra battery for it though if you need it for more than two days withoiut getting to the charger.
          this thing is great for getting where your going and taking with into woods after beaching the skiff. its always in my seabag.


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            Garmin GPSMAP 76

            I have the Garmin GPSMAP 76 and have used it for a few years now. I have the Blue Charts loaded on it along with Alaskan Topos. You can't go wrong with the Garmin 76.


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