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  • Where to go to reapir an Aluminum Boat...

    It was bound to happen, I hit a rock with my Wooldridge Alaskan. Now I have a mostly flattened chine for about 18 inches and a 18 inch long dent to go with it. I'm pretty sure I cannot bend it back. I am wondering who repairs Aluminum problems in the area (anchorage/valley), and the best method to use to reverse a dent.

    The dent is mostly between the supports (although one of the supports is pushed up about 1/2 inch). I think with the proper tool or method this could be pushed back out.

    The Chine is in bad shape and took the brunt of the rock. I'm wondering if it can just be welded on to fill it back in (so I have a chine again) and grind it off smooth.

    Any suggestions on a place that does good work, or any suggestions on how to fix it myself would be appreciated.

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    Boat repair

    I would give Ben a call at Silver Streak boats. He has repaired my jetboat many times and has good prices. In my opinion he does the best work too.

    Good Luck


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      Talk to Nick at VanWeld North in the Valley. Truly outstanding work, very experienced and all of the right equipment to do the job correctly.




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        Thanks for the replies, I'll check them out...


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          My last boat was in a head on collision before I bought it, and it was repaired by Sea State One Marine in Anchorage.

          Sea State One Marine LLC 3020 Rampart Drive, Anchorage, AK 99501-3131(907) 243-6448

          The boat was in pretty bad shape, with a hole ripped in it, and they fixed it better than new. I would talk to them as well. You can't even tell where it was damaged or how they patched it.
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            Keith was that on our trip?


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              Originally posted by kk alaska View Post
              Keith was that on our trip?
              If it was are you gonna split the bill with me? . No we went back yesterday with the family, the water was up about 1/2 foot (just enough to burry the rocks we saw). We made it through the rock garden but smacked one hard above it a few miles. The wind made enough chop to make the water tough to read, add flat light and there was no seeing this rock. Bruised ronnies rib, leeanns back ain't right. Hooked some but landed none with the kids help. Rough day!


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                Gary at Greatland Weilding he is great and when he give you a price thats what you pay no surprises and does great work. Located on the Palmer Wasilla Hwy just past trunk if your heading to Palmer on the right side.
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                  Ditto, Gary at Greatland Welding does really good work.


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