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  • New Boat, can't wait...

    I became a new boat owner today. I sold off all my old equipment to purchase it. I have never owned a brand new package before and feel quite tickled to do so. As a new owner, I guess I'll describe what it is and what came with it. And then ponder what is next on the list of equipment that every new boat owner should consider to have to make the boating experience complete. Also I am hoping that the most seasoned of mariners can list what is neccessay from thier own experiences to help new owners when considering lists of stuff to eqip a new boat. The boat is a 2060 SeaArk powered with a F60 Yamaha efi 4 stroke and trailered. A 13 gallon tank is web straped to keep it secured. Then a fuel filter is plumbed between the tank and outboard for quick water separation. A pair of oars are there w/o oar locks so I will have to find some bolt on type locks for the oars. I have a couple of the ABS 15 gallon black gas cubes and a mechanical (jiggle) gas siphon for the transfer of fuel to the main tank. Now here is where I will try and come up with the basic tools to complete the package before any long trips. I believe I will need a spare prop, spark plugs, a push pole, a variety of tools to loosen or tighted any of the bolts/nuts, bailing wire, duck tape, etc... This next area I don't have a lot of experience and it has to do with safety eqipment. I'll need a fire extinguisher rated for gas fires, a flare gun, a PFD for everyone on board, and maybe a VHF handheld. I know that this is only a starting place for a well eguiped boat. I hope to see your suggestions. Many Thanks, Basee, Quana... Rufus

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    Safety First

    Would suggest your going online to the Coast Guard or Coast Guard Aux websites for a list of required equiptment. Another thing you can do is request a CC Aux member stop by and do a courtousy inspection of your vessel. They can also point out anything that might need fixed or upgraded to make your boating season go smoothly and safely. Here is a link to a good website with info you can use:
    SeaULater and have fun.


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