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Kenai River up from Bings?

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  • Kenai River up from Bings?

    Heading south for Memorial weekend and was hoping to put my boat in at Bings landing. From the reports I have gathered so far it looks like the river is still too low for running a boat with a prop. Does anyone have any first hand knowledge of how high the river needs to be to safely run upstream from Bings landing with a prop?
    If that's not possible, if someone has information about Dot's River fish camp, and how much water they need to be able to launch a boat, that'd be great as well.

    Thanks in advance,

    It's King Season!!!!


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    Kenai water levels info

    I go to an Alaska water levels page and check the latest conditions. Bings has a boat launch that can really mess with your trailer if water is low. It drops off of the concrete slab and into larger boulders. just upstream from that is a real tricky section. Dots is a slough that feeds into hole #3. there may be some water in there now but getting to the main river isn't easy. maybe you could walk your boat out. anyway, dumping out of Skilak the charts read about 7' right now. that is experts only. it's around 8' that you can start getting around, if you know how to read water. 9' and everyones ok for the most part.
    here's an address to get to a water level page. click on the various stations for different places. very good info for any fishing you might do.


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      Killey station

      Quick correction. use those numbers from the 'Kenai river below Killey river' station (it's at 6' stage right now, about 2' from being safe for most props). it runs about 1 foot lower than the 'Below Skilak' station.


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        Kenai water level

        Thanx for the info!
        I have been monitoring that site for some time actually, I just couldn't remember what the level was last year when I made the first run upriver from Bings. Low water, and there is that one hairy shallow spot just upstream past the first small gravel island.
        Looks like the river is on the rise! Hopefully it will be at safe levels by this weekend.



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          hairy shallows

          I know the spot! I've done some prop soundings there a couple times!


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            Word is from a F&G friend of mine is the river is the 2nd lowest it's been in the last 40 years. Checked out the Pillars launch last weekend, and I'd believe it. The past few warm days should help bring levels up.


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              Kenai still rising.....

              Well It's still rising and has hit 6 1/2 ft below the Killey station. That's up a foot since last week, but I still am skeptical about making the run upriver from Bings Landing.
              If anyone has heard if someone has made the run in a propped boat in the last few days, I sure would appreciate hearing about it. I know the channel, and if there is enough water I can do it, but i don't want to trailer my boat all the way down from Anchorage to find out that it's just not doable.



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