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  • Power Boating Willow Creek

    Willow Creek is an area easily accessable by anyone with a vehicle that will hold a tank of gas from Wasilla to Willow (LOL gas prices are horrid these days arnt they?). This area is very popular since its fairly close to Anchorage and holds an excellent population of fish. I dont expect to go to Ship Creek to stand by myself and not see a soul. Popular fishing holes are going to see a diverse crowd of people. May it be different types of boats or different types or creed. Floating it, walking it, or powerboating it I expect to see many different types of people in many different types of boats.

    There are many streams along the Parks highway that you will NEVER see a power boat. Montana Creek for example. Some may be harsh when it comes to seeing a boat pass by on your favorite fishing hole, but when I am on a highly traveled watershed it has to be expected. Right? There is common ground in this subject.

    I know many expect a quiet and peaceful time in the wild without power boats. That is something I do not imagine from a popular creek such as the Willow. There are areas where I dont expect to see another human, and there are others I know will be packed.

    I am not saying power boats nor float boats should keep clear of any watershed. I believe we can all share the same body of water. It just takes a compromise from both sides.

    I do not want to come off as a closed minded person. Acutally I am open to all points of view. For the most part I respect all opinions, I only expect the same in return.
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    Willow Creek

    Water Gremlin,

    I agree, but I think eventually there will be an accident on that river. You've got canoes, airboats, jet boats, prop boats, rafts, catarafts, and personal watercraft on a river where folks wade across, fish from the bank, and camp out overnight by the hundreds. Somebody's going to do something foolish with a boat up there some day, and I think eventually it will go drift-only. Just a guess, but I think it's just a matter of time.

    It's a tough call. Lots of fish there, and it's so easy to get to. That place worries me.

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      Floating, where do you put in and ...

      take out from? I would love to do a short float over a weekend in my raft or a canoe if the river is too small for my 18' cataraft.

      Sounds like it might be too crowded to run the airboat on, at least until I learn to run it better.

      When would be a good time to float and fish?

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        It is summer isn't it? Thats a good time to float it. Call up to Willow creek resort they will answer your questions about put ins/take outs.


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