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  • Bottom Coat

    Can anyone refer someone to bottom coat by boat? OR has anyone done it themselves that might let me know it is worth doing myself?

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    PM DreamCatcher. He did his Explorer last year and it looks fantastic!


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      Thanks Snowwolfe.


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        Painting your bottom???

        Doing your own bottom paint is realy easy. I have done it many many times. Go to your favorite marine store and buy the color you want. Pick-up a roll of blue masking tape,(comes off easy after some time on), tape the bottom of your boot stripe or if you have a line between your boot stripe and bottom paint tape it. Get a paint roller and a paint brush, a roller tray, a stir stick, gloves and a paint suit, goggles, and your ready for some fun. It really is an easy project. Tapeing a straight line is the most difficult part. Don't paint your zincs, stainless parts, or transducers. Let me know if you have any other questions.
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          I've written a little about it at Boat Hull Preparation for Painting. We have boaters haul and paint here all season long. It takes some work, but you can do it yourself in most cases.


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            re: bottom paint

            I painted my bottom (of my boat!) 2 years ago. I checked around at a few places that offered to do it and I found prices to be pretty steep, so did it myself. The hardest part was figuring out how to get the boat separated from the bunk trailer. I built two jacking blocks that conform to the hull deadrise and placed supports under the hull. I then removed the bunks and did a Michealangelo approach of working on my back under the trailer. I've had better times, but it wasn't that bad if you don't mind doing a little DYI down and dirty. You need to prep the hull my giving it a mild sanding so the paint will adhere. I used a semi-ablative paint designed for trailerable boats. You definitely don't want to get this paint on you so use adequate proetection, especially eye wear. Two coats with a roller did the job. Seasport, if you're in Anchorage and want to borrow my jacking blocks and get some free DIY advice, fire me a PM.


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