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I'm buying a Stabi Craft...need opinions

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  • I'm buying a Stabi Craft...need opinions

    Well folks I looked at them last winter at the boat show and I must say that I've looked at dozens of offshore boats and I am impressed with the stabi craft. I've been looking at offshore boats for a few years now so I can be prepared to buy one for my retirement. I think that i am ready to pull the trigger as I may only work one more year. I'm looking at the 759 or even better yet (if I can afford it) just jump up to the new 28' 859 Super Cab with twin 225 Honda's. I know they aren't well known in Alaska yet (I guess the 25.5' boat that was at the show was sold to a fellow in Homer) Here's the link to the Stabi Craft web sight:
    Check it out and give me some opinions (good or bad) The dealer is Ron's Honda in Soldotna or Aman Marine in Portland. I'm just now getting some price quotes (and they aren't cheap) when I hear more I'll post. So far Ron's is talking around $100'000 for 759 and $150,000 for 859.

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    They are impressive _ and about 1/2 the price of a ACB

    I haven't seen one in person, just the video. I'd want a to spend some time on one before I'd Plunked down 100 large +. Cabin and fish hold size (halibut) is a big item and I know the ACB are small to useless in a short (23')/narrow boat. I talked to Terry at Ron's and looked at the 759 plans and the new 859 (cab with forward windows). They really look good and if you compare them to the cost of a ACB, they are a deal. I ride a Goldwing and have purchased Parts from Ron's and found them to be as good as or better than other dealer to deal with. The only thing I'm not crazy about is sending my money out of the country. But New Zealand is better than China. I just received a quote for a Full On 26' NorthRiver Seahawk O/S - Twin 150 Yamaha's, Flush Head, and all the other item to make it comfortable for fishing Winter Kings, short of Electronics * around $94K. FOB WA State. I'm in the same boat with you, Figurative, I want to purchase a new boat before I retire in a couple years. Maybe we can get together and look at the 759 Stabi in Homer and compare notes.


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      dont count on any serrvice from Rons. They are a joke.Ask terry where he is in july. He is out commercial fishing. Buy your motor at Kachemak Gear Shed.


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        I can understand your situation

        I have been looking and flip-flopping and had actually wrote a check to order a boat and cancelled the order after getting more info and now I am buying a used 2006 26 foot NR O/S 26 w 8' cabin. I looked into Stabicraft and the ACB and while they both are safe and supposed to offer a superior ride, I could not justify the price. There are some in boattrader 2002 and 2003 26 footers for about $60,000 and I saw the ACB at Northway Mall that they want $115,000 and thought they were a bit cramped. Like you folks, I was looking for a decent ride, safety, resale value and creature comforts. I have been poring over details upon details on-line and have been visiting factories during my travels and considered everything from Arima to Seasports (a to z sort of) in my quest for the best compromise. Here is my 2 cents.

        1. If you are getting a 26 North River in full trim with head for $94K FOB Oregon, you may be able to get a better deal as the best deal I found was through the charter and commercial sales team for 26' twin was about $86K and $83K if you went Suzy instead of Yami. The boat will end up being $10k to $15k more since you will pay for shipping ($4500 to $5500) and about $5k to $10k for electronics and accessories.
        Oh, the quoted boat had dinette, enclosed head, v-berth cushions, windlass and suspension seat.

        2. It seems that even the ACB with their sterling reputation has not been able to hang on to their re-sale value since they are so spendy to begin with. I wonder if the Stabicraft being relatively less known brand would fare any better. There is a lot of room for depreciation when you start off with $150,000 for a boat.

        Having changed boats so much, I just know that something better or different will catch my fancy and I just would feel bad if I was faced with a $50k wrie-off for a boat several years down the road. According to most folks that I talked to, the NR with the reversed chine and 55/20 degree hull seemed to fare well in big water by some opinion as well as the ACB.

        Feel free to PM me if you want to find out what I experienced in my search. I was surprised by some of the relationships that these folks maintained with their dealers.


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          Buying a Stabi craft

          I've never been in a Stabi Craft but last year I found a used 2004 29' Aluminum Chambered Boat which is amazing,I finally tested mine in 10' plus seas coming back from deer hunting a few weeks ago.We did 25 mph and it wasn't beating us to death,it was fun.I always liked the idea of the
          air so it would be very hard to sink and the hull design seems to cut through the water and make for a nice ride [the longer the better].I believe the ACB design came from Stabi Craft but other then both having air chambers I don't know how similar the hull is.ACB's have a better warranty and not sure I like the fiberglass top on the Stabi Craft.For sure I would want to ride in it in some big seas before I bought.They are nice looking boats and like mine can be pulled down the road without any permit but be sure to get a trailer that can carry your boat,gas,gear and another 15 to 20% so the trailer will last.I'll be interested to hear what you do.
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            I'm THINKING of buying a Stabi Craft

            First off I should say that I made a mistake for the title of this thread. I'm not buying one yet but I am seriously considering it. (big difference there)

            Cohoedave: Yes I would prefer to keep my money in Alaska and/or USA. BUT that said we are talking about my life savings here. I've worked all my life to buy some toys and enjoy retirement. ("08" F350, V10, long bed, Lariat, 4.3 gears - pending) ("04" Rincon - done deal) (15' Zodiac with 50 horse Honda - done deal) I will go to whatever lengths it takes to gather these toys at a reasonable price. If I can get a comparable deal in AK I will certainly buy AK.

            Homer: I'll check into Kachemack Gear Shed

            Kaisersosei: What does that user name represent, or signify?
            Yes safety is of utmost importance to me (and my 8 year old Granddaughter) I am willing to sacrifice some cabin space for the added safety of air chambers. These boats are a little smaller than expected in the cabin space department. But they will still over night myself and 3 other people comfortably enough for me. ( I don't need much) The only thing I would order it with in the cabin would be a head and shower. My Son and myself will add a portable generator and ability to cook and probably a small refrigerator/freezer. Something that I just found out Sat. is that the cab on the 859 is the same as the cab on the 759. All the extra space is in the deck. I was hoping for a touch more cabin space but I can deal with that.


            My Son and I looked at the ACB boats at the boat show and both of us agreed that they just don't look good. We didn't like the lines of the boat. They just aren't pretty. For the money that I'm going to spend the boat has to be a good looking boat aside from all the other considerations.

            All this said I will be using the boat a lot in Kodiak because I commercial fished out of Kodiak for almost 20 years and I know of a lot of spots for deer, elk, goat, salmon, razors, bottom fish and/or and very big halibut that are literally untouched. I believe that with this boat I can run over from Homer safely, or of course I could ferry over.

            Thanks for all the responses, keep them coming, I will keep you posted on my quest for a new dream boat.


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              Nice Boats.

              Did some research last year, and met the sales rep for ACB boats. He used to work for stabi-craft and said he helped start ACB. So this may be taken with a grain of salt, but I belived it to be true.

              They use fiberglass cabins because the boats flex more than acb's due to thinner metal used for construction, aluminum cabins were cracking welds.

              They tend to crack welds often in rough seas

              This is all I know.



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                Don't finish your boat shopping without checking out Glacier Craft, made right here in Anchorage. I was amazed at the value for the money and you can customize it any why you want. It is one solid boat and has true off shore capabilities.
                27' x 9.5' Glacier Craft - Volvo 300hp D4 Diesel
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                  Dtol - May Have Hit The Preverbal Nail.

                  Don't finish your boat shopping without checking out Glacier Craft, made right here in Anchorage. I was amazed at the value for the money and you can customize it any why you want. It is one solid boat and has true off shore capabilities.

                  I have looked at the GC 30' in guide trim In Soldotna and a 32'x10' in Vadez. The cost of a 27'x9' compares or is less then others. The boats are 6-12" wider then others for there length. "Wide is Good". My neighbor, "who is a saltwater guide" was in awe of a 27' GC in 8-10' seas out of Seward. The boat was on step - blew through the tops and looked to ride well. He had to wallow his glass boat into port and after that - sold it the next week.
                  Anyone have any dealing with GC? I think Ill have to make an appointment to check them out. By the way, there web site needs some work and updating.

                  sigpic MERRY CHRISTMAS


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                    I have been dealing on boats of different makes for 3 months and have come withing a hair of writing a deposit on no less than 4 different boats. I have done the comparison shopping on standard features, options, aluminum or fiberglass, planing or semi-discplacement hull, etc. etc.

                    I never took Glacier Craft seriously. I thought I had to go out of state to get a good boat. I gave them a call one day and was blown away by the quote and received for a turnkey boat with trailer and electronincs installed. I visited the factory and was again blown away by what I saw. All things being equal you could get a boat for 20K less than others of the same class. I now have a 27 on order and I will be getting exactly what I want for much less money, and a better boat built for Alaska in the bargin.
                    27' x 9.5' Glacier Craft - Volvo 300hp D4 Diesel
                    Remember: Any fool can be uncomfortable.


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                      Glaciercraft boats are nice

                      But other things need to be considered. The pluses are that they are very seaworthy with sealed bilge and over-engineered to be very tough. My friend has a 32x10.5 footer that he really likes. The minuses are that they do suck a lot of fuel as they are not very efficient hulls. On top of that they weigh quite a bit and you will burn a lot of fuel if you trailer your boat even before you get in the water. Pricing as I recall is as follows:

                      1. 26 footer base model is $85k, it comes with 115 Yami's and bench seats with no head. Add longer cabin, $$ upgrade to 150's or 175's, $$ stand-up head, windlass, 1 more foot to the length, expanded fuel tank, all in all about $115 to $120k when all said and done.

                      2. Order it now for either 33% down and loan from bank to pay for it or cash up front before they build it. Pick it up November 2007 if you order it now. Just add 5 to 6 months to the promised delivery time and you will be close. Meanwhile you are making payments for a year or so without having a boat.

                      Otherwise a nice sea-worthy boat. I just couldn't wait and could not justify the cost of waiting. Just my $0.02.


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