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Electric over hydraulic surge brakes

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  • Electric over hydraulic surge brakes

    My boat likes to pull me down the boat ramp,I'm getting a new trailer because mine is pretty much max out on weight and considing putting an electric over hydraulic brake unit on it. Anyone have experience with these or other way to deal with this problem?

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    No experience, but from what I've heard the type of setup you're talking about would be the best for almost any occasion. I know of no other way to slow down a trailer as you're backing down a ramp. Would the brakes be disc or drum? I'd highly recommend disc.


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      You may already know....

      Hydraulic surge brakes only work when the vehicle is in a forward motion. The mechanism that triggers the brakes is in a relaxed state when backing down a ramp therefore offer no assistance in stopping. Electric brakes are linked to your vehicles brakes and therefore any time you apply the brakes the trailer brakes are also applied. I am assuming that this is why you are in question as to which is best. The electric brakes would be best however I don't know if they put them on boat trailers or how well they hold up to the saltwater.

      If you don't find anyone with actual expereince using electric you may try putting your truck in 4X4 Low range (if you have Warn locking hubs you don't need to engage them as you don't need 4X4 just the gearing). By reducing the gearing the truck will not run away as fast and the brakes will have to work less. On another note I have watched trucks smoke clutches, spin tires and grunt all the way up a ramp especially with a larger boat. Simply putting the truck in 4X4 Low range you will make alot less work of pulling out that boat. Some of this is assuming you have 4X4 but most in AK do.


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        I used the Carlise(sp.) elec. over hydralic on a 24' tandem dually trailer that I just built to haul D4 cat. They work great, but kinda spendy.


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          too bad...

          ... you are not closer. I'd be tempted to GIVE you my surge brakes. Pain in the ass. Electric disc, at least on my loader trailer, are far better. I am putting electric discs under my RHIB this summer. j


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            Just a thought but, wouldn't it be cheaper to add another axle, heavier springs or tires with a higher load capacity rather than replacing the trailer?


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              My trailer has the electric hydralic brakes, triple disc's. The unique thing about it is the actuator. It is made by Carlile and operates by an infrared sensor. It requires no extra wiring and the trailer plug is a simple four wire connector. All you do is to plug the actuator into the cigarette lighter and when you press the brakes it will send a signal back to the trailer. It is also adjustable to add more or less braking power. I absolutely love it.


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                You dunk that trailer in fresh water or salt water? If salt, how long have you had those brakes and any corrosion problems?



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                  All salt. No problems as of yet and it has seen two seasons of use. Don't let the term "electric" confuse the issue. The electronic parts end on the coupler. From there on back it is all hydraulics just like a surge system. The actuator stays in the cab as it is simply a small remote control box.


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                    What Snowwolfe has is what I so poorly tried to explain. I'd love to have that setup. My previous trailer had drums and surge and was fine except for the drums rusting and locking up. My new trailer has surge with disks. When you put the truck in reverse, the lockout solenoid is supposed to keep the brake fluid from causing the brakes to apply when you back up (i.e. surge). Works ok, but if you're backing up a hill the brakes will apply regardless. Oh well, at least I can keep the disks from rusting.


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                      Elec brakes are far smoother and safer in my mind. Never had a problem with them on my 27' Haulmark snowmachine trailer or 12,000 pound boat trailer. They also work in reverse. I use a prodigy brake controller.
                      Be sure your boat trailer has a freshwater washout if you launch in the salt.


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